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Want To Make Your Own Website? Here Are 3 Options

3 Ways You Can Make Your Own Website

You made it!

You’re officially the proud owner of a shiny new domain name and web hosting package.

Now you’ve reached the part of building a website that most of us get most excited about: setting up your header and homepage, designing your online portfolio, formatting your blog, setting up your online shop.

It’s time to furnish your online home –  your newly purchased domain – with things you want your visitors to see, explore, and maybe buy.

Sounds great, right?

But how do you actually put together a website? There are 3 ways you can do this.


1. Build Your Website from Scratch

With this option, you start with your domain and a bunch of ideas and code them into reality.

This is the website equivalent of hiring an interior designer, a decorator and a bunch of subcontractors to fill in the empty shell of your new home – or doing it all yourself.

How do you know if you should build your site this way? Answer these two questions:

  1. Do you have great technical and coding skills?
  2. Do you have a big budget for hiring a web designer?

If you answered yes, go for it! Check out HostGator’s professional design services.

If you answered no, keep reading for better options.


2. Use WordPress

With this option, you install the world’s most popular content management tool to put together your website with ready-made tools, themes, and a dashboard that make it easy to update or change your site.

Using WordPress is like making a big IKEA run to get everything you need to set up your new place. You only have to make one stop. Because the furniture you get is modular and easy to build, you can change or add pieces when you need to, using only the online equivalent of an allen wrench.

Should you build your site this way? Yes, if you’re comfortable using these tools to build and maintain your site:

Ready to get started with WordPress? You can do it now.

Don’t have time for this level of DIY? Read on.


3. Use a Web Builder

Site builders, like the one HostGator includes for free with all of its hosting plans, have been winning fans over the past few years because they’re fast and easy to use, don’t require manual updates, and integrate seamlessly with your hosting service and domain name.

If you’re the type of shopper who buys flat-pack furniture to save money and has it delivered and assembled for you to save time, you’ll like the site builder approach.

Should you build your site this way? Yes, if you want:

Depending on the hosting plan you choose, your site builder tools may also include inventory management for your shop, the ability to include high-definition videos on your pages, and tools to create coupon codes for your customers.

Ready to get started? Use HostGator’s Website Builder now.


Whichever path you choose, HostGator is here to help you along the way. Enjoy 24/7 award-winning US-based expert support and web hosting that grows with you as your traffic grows.

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