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  • Obama Gets the Nerd Vote

    Monday, November 3, 2008 by
    Many of us at HostGator were curious what the ‘nerd vote’ looked like so we went ahead and ran our own poll amongst employees. We limited the choices to either Mccain or Obama in order to keep the results realistic. Here’s a breakdown of the results: 98 Texas employees participated 55 nerds voted for Barack Hussein Obama II 34 nerds voted for John Sidney McCain The remaining 9 votes were disqualified for failing to follow the strict directions of selecting one candidate or the other. For the sake of being democratic, here are the results of the 9 votes that were neither McCain nor Obama: 1 vote for “in your moms box” - Whatever this means.... 3 votes for “neither” 1 vote for “ray” - Ray, you're a loser if you voted for yourself. 1 vote for “Ron Paul” 1 vote for “cocktail party” - If you voted this, please come see me for psychiatric help. 1 vote for “Brent Oxley” - Your vote may have been disqualified, but you will still be getting a raise for having such wisdom. 1 vote for “Cbar” - I think this vote was an attempt to spell “brent”, but got mixed up on the spelling. Obama dominated with 62% of the votes versus McCain’s 38%. This nerd vote took place at the HostGator office in Houston, Texas which is one of McCain's strongest states! I can only imagine what these results would have looked like had HostGator employees been from somewhere more liberal, like San Francicso. I personally voted for McCain with the belief that he is the lesser of two evils. I disagree with McCain on a few key issues such as withdrawing from Iraq, and having preconditions before meeting with foreign leaders. This, of course, seems much better to me than Obama's relying on the United Nations and resolving issues in a “diplomatic” way. The U.N. is a joke, which is why major atrocities and genocide are happening in places like Darfur and Burma. The diplomatic route is the best way to go, but you can only talk so long until action is necessary if the talks are fruitless. The Iraq war is costing Americans roughly 147 billion a year. This is a ton of money, but when you consider our current deficit is at $438 billion, you can quickly understand the war isn't the main or only problem in America.