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  • 200,000 Web Hosting Clients and Climbing

    Thursday, September 10, 2009 by
    HostGator recently reached 200,000 active customers and we are on pace to break 300,000 within a year. I remember when I'd be out celebrating if HostGator managed to get two signups in a week. Now, we’re seeing thousands of signups a week. Back in the day, my celebrating consisted of nothing more than dropping the Ramen noodles or the tuna can I had in my hands and grabbing some sushi for an hour before scrambling back to work. At the time, I was a poor college student who invested every penny I had back into the business I was building. The HostGator.com domain was registered on October 10, 2002 and here are some statistics about how many active customers we’ve had at a few points since then.
    • 2/1/2003: 112 active customers
    • 2/1/2004: 1,031 active customers
    • 2/1/2005: 6,892 active customers
    • 2/1/2006: 21,434 active customers
    • 2/1/2007: 50,213 active customers
    • 2/1/2008: 92,752 active customers
    • 2/1/2009: 157,432 active customers
    • Today: 200,000+
    How HostGator Came To Be: I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a kid. In sixth grade, I sold candy at school and had all the kids in my neighborhood working for me. When I was 14, my cousins and I had a business where we sold watermelons from a truck on the side of a road. The deal we offered was simple, but effective: “2 for $5."
    [caption id="attachment_787" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Ain't no Glory in Selling Watermelons Ain\'t no Glory in Selling Watermelons[/caption]
    It wasn't until I was a sophomore in high school that I got hooked on trying to make money on the Internet. What sucked me in was the paid to surf programs such as AllAdvantage, Bepaid.com, Cashfiesta, and the like. These companies claimed they would pay you to surf the Internet while looking at ads. I created my first website on a service much like GeoCities and was able to generate over 50,000 referrals between all the programs I was enrolled in. One by one, I learned that all of the programs were a scam. I made $65 when I was entitled to over a million.