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  • Best WordPress Plugins for Wedding Websites

    Monday, April 24, 2017 by
    Best Wordpress Plugins for Wedding Websites Your wedding is an incredibly special day in your life. Building a beautiful website around the day is a great way to keep guests informed and it can help commemorate the magic. With a wedding website you can communicate the details about your wedding like: location, directions, accommodations and gifts. All the needed information will be in one place, there is no need to spend hours on the phone speaking to each guest. Beyond highlighting certain wedding details, you can use your site to showcase beautiful pictures, videos and more, so you can remember your big day anytime you’d like. If you’re utilizing WordPress for your wedding site, then there are all kinds of plugins you can use to extend the functionality of your website and make it do whatever you wish. Below you’ll find five plugins that are invaluable additions to any wedding website. HostGator WordPress Hosting  

    1. WeddingPress

    Wedding Press WeddingPress is the perfect all-in-one wedding plugin for your WordPress site. This plugin is great in that you’ll really only need this single plugin to make your wedding site more functional and useful. Whether you’re looking for a way to add a gift list, create a way for guests to RSVP, or even create meal lists, then this plugin is a good choice. Some of the most useful features of this plugin include:
    • Creating an online gift list that syncs with PayPal for easy payment
    • Social media and email list integration
    • Easily create an online guest list for quick RSVP
    • Let guests choose their preferred menu options
    WeddingPress will run you $30, but is a great way to provide a seamless registrations experience for your guests.  

    2. Events Planner

    Events Planner is a free plugin that’ll help you manage any kind of event. Although technically an event management plugin, it’s perfectly suited to the wedding environment where you have things like a reception, rehearsal dinners, the actual wedding, and the after party all occurring in close proximity. Events Planner can help you plan and manage your wedding guest list, while keeping them in the loop about the latest details related to your wedding. Some of the main features of this plugin include:
    • Easy event registration
    • A built-in form manager
    • PayPal integration (if payments are necessary)
    • Confirmation emails for all registrants
    There is also a pro edition of this plugin, which will unlock features like: availability of an unlimited number of dates, prices and times, the ability for both individual and group registrations, a visible attendee list, and ability to send emails.  

    3. WP Google Maps

    Google Maps Your visitors need to be able to easily locate your venue, especially if you’re expecting guests to travel for your wedding. What better way to do this than to utilize the power of Google Maps? WP Google Maps is a great plugin that will help you provide exact wedding location details via Google Maps. This is an incredibly easy plugin to use, but is still quite rich on features. The free version of this plugin has features like:
    • Classic Google Maps and Street-view support
    • Widgetized for easy placement
    • Re-sizable to fit your site
    • Can add map markers, animations, and images
    If you upgrade to the paid version of the plugin you’ll access additional features, like the ability to create more than one map, show the locations of your visitors and icon upgrades.  

    4. Bean Registry

    Wedding gift registries are an important part of any wedding. But, instead of sending your guests a random assortment of links to different websites, why not host them all in one place? With Bean Registry you can use their list of shortcodes to easily add your registry links to their supported stores to anywhere on your site. Some features of this plugin include:
    • An easy process to add items to registry and link to existing stores
    • Large number of stores to choose from
    • Easily add your URL through a shortcode
    This plugin connects you to over 15 current stores, and is a great way to create a registry for your wedding site without a lot of hassle. Wedding websites are becoming more and more popular; with the plugins above you’ll be able to transform your existing wedding site into something useful and beautiful. Any plugins we missed that are a must-have for your wedding site? Please share in the comments below.
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  • 8 Best WordPress Plugins to Monetize Your Blog

    Wednesday, April 5, 2017 by
    Best WordPress Plugins to Monetize Your Blog If your blog isn't monetized, you’re losing money. Blogs can be monetized regardless of their topic, number of followers, or purpose. Even if it’s your passion project, your blog can and should make you money. Both new and older posts can bring in passive income. Making money with your blog is easier than you might think; all you need are the right tools. We’re going to take a look at the 8 best WordPress plugins to monetize your blog. Don’t have a blog yet? No problem—get your site published in minutes with HostGator’s one-click WordPress installs. Learn more here.   HostGator Website Builder  

    1. OptinMonster

    Optin Monster

    OptinMonster is the most popular conversion optimization software available. It helps you convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers, so you can grow your email list, increase your page views, and make more money. You can use their pre-made templates and drag-and-drop builder to create high converting optin forms including popups, slide-ins, and floating bars. The tool comes with behavior targeting so you can show the right message to the right person on the right page at the right time, thus making maximum revenue. Cost: Plans start at $9/month when paid annually.   

    2. WPForms

    WPForms WPForms is a customer acquisition tool that lets you easily create customized forms designed to capture visitor information for lead nurturing purposes. It has pre-built templates that are all mobile responsible and translation ready. This means you’ll never lose a single customer, no matter what device they’re on or where they live. WPForms offers additional features to monetize your blog. Their true customization options—including the ability for users to upload files and make payments or donations— lets you create forms for everything from initial contact request forms, customer service questions, new subscriber optins, and even membership and product orders. It’s the easiest form creation software to use, and it’s flexible enough that you can make any form you need to bring more profit to your blog. Cost: Plans start at $39/year  

    3. Insert Post Ads

    Insert Post Ads The Insert Post Ads plugin inserts ads directly into blog posts themselves instead of just having ads on the periphery of your page where they are easily ignored. In-content ads have increased visibility and a significantly higher likelihood of engagement, drastically increase click-through rates and revenue. The plugin can even insert these ads automatically so you don’t have to manually enter each one into every post, saving you a ton of time and simplifying the process. Its flexibility lets you choose where and how often you want the ads to show up, giving you complete control over how many ads are showing up in your content for maximum potential revenue. Cost: Free  

    4. ThirstyAffiliates

    Thirsty Affiliate

    Aside from ads, affiliate selling is perhaps the fastest way to monetize your blog. ThirstyAffiliates lets you import affiliate links from Amazon and other major selling sites. You can quickly and easily earn commissions from sales just by placing these links in your content. They have a link creator that cloaks the affiliate link in your URL; when a user clicks, they’ll see a redirection from your URL instead of a traditional affiliate link. This also ensures reliable sales tracking so you earn commission on every sale, guaranteed. Unlike other similar plugins, ThirstyAffiliates has options like “Open Link in New Window” so you won’t lose readers from your blog in exchange for commission. You can also add images and graphics to affiliate links to make them more eye-catching and dynamic, driving more clicks from the customer and commission for you. Cost: Basic plan is free, with add-ons available for purchase  

    5. WooCommerce Memberships

    WooCommerce WooCommerce’s Memberships plugin lets you create membership-only sections on your site. You are in complete control of how much access you want to give and to whom, allowing for different levels of membership (and price points) to be created. You can even drip content to different levels of membership, giving new content to “premium” members first, which can incentivize users to pay for more exclusivity. You can sell memberships as an exclusive product or as part of a different package purchase, so you can offer the types of memberships that benefit your business and sales most. Cost: $149/year for a single site  

    6. Ad Blocking Detector

    Ad Blocking Detector Ad Blocking Detector can detect the ad blocking software that has cost bloggers large amounts of revenue. This plugin will automatically replace blocked ads with other types of content like newsletter sign-ups, which provide alternative methods to monetize your blog and prevents overall loss of revenue. It recognizes all major ad blocking browser extensions to offer you the best protection possible against lost opportunities for monetization. Cost: Free  

    7. Videe.TV Monetization

    Videe.TV Monetization The Videe.TV Monetization plugin lets you place high-engaging video ads in your content. This means more clicks and more commission while enriching your blog posts with relevant videos. This plugin provides you with a library of video content you can choose from to create playlists that you know your audience will find relevant and interesting, maximizing views. Each user view earns you a commission, and their real-time reporting helps you track every cent as you earn it. Cost: Free  

    8. Mobile Ad for WordPress

    Mobile Ad for WordPress The Mobile Ad for WordPress plugin focuses on the increasingly-important mobile ad revenue. It offers ad units designed specifically for mobile users and sites. The ads they serve load faster and don’t use as much data as traditional ads, resulting in optimal performance and more clicks. This plugin gives you plenty of customization options, including different ad formats to choose from and the ability to choose when users see your ads. You can even wait to show users an ad until they’re clicking away from your site, so you don’t lose traffic until they’re already leaving.  Cost: Free  


    Monetizing your blog doesn’t have to be difficult; these plugins allow you to generate additional income on all of your posts without a lot of hassle. Choose one of the plugins above to get started and you’ll be on your way to making money from your blog.
  • Best WordPress Plugins for Musicians

    Monday, February 6, 2017 by
    WordPress Plugins for Musicians Having a website is basically mandatory for any profession, including musicians. In fact, with the ability to build an audience and sell directly to your fans, establishing an online presence is becoming even more enticing. Luckily, WordPress has a lot of tools available for musicians. Even if you’re not very tech-savvy, you can still use the power of WordPress to create a beautiful and functional website. Below we dive into a few of our favorite plugins that will help take you, or your band’s, website to the next level.  

    1. Manage Tour Dates With GigPress

    GigPress WordPress If you tour on a regular basis, then GigPress is a plugin you’re going to want in your arsenal. This plugin allows you to easily manage your upcoming and past performances. This plugin allows you to easily customize how you want your tour dates to look, so you can integrate your upcoming shows into your existing site. It even includes links for your fans to buy tickets, and is easy to organize your shows.  

    2. Stream Music With Soundcloud or Spotify

    SoundCloud WordPress plugin If you currently have your music uploaded to Soundcloud, then why not let fans listen while they're on your website? This plugin displays your Soundcloud playlists or tracks you’ve uploaded yourself. Spotify WordPress plugin However, if you don’t utilize Soundcloud and your music is on Spotify, then you can use the plugin called Spotify Master. This enables you to display entire albums, playlists, or even select tracks.  

    3. Connect To Your Fans With Thank Me Later

    Thank Me Later WordPress plugin As you grow you’re going to need a way to keep in touch with your fans. It’s easy in the early stages when you can take the time to respond to everyone, but over time it’s nearly impossible to respond to every request, comment, and email. One cool plugin we like is called Thank Me Later. Whenever a fan adds a comment they will receive an automatic response via email thanking them for the comment. Little personal touches like this can really go a long way.  

    4. Sell Digital Downloads With Music Store

    Music Store WordPress plugin Some musicians prefer to be in complete control of how their music gets distributed. A great plugin that allows you to sell your digital music directly to your fans is called Music Store. This plugin also includes an audio player, so your fans can profile the track before they decide to buy. The free version of this plugin lets you share basic tracks, but if you’re looking to sell entire collections of music, run discounts, and offer coupons, then you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version.  

    5. Sell Your Merchandise With Foxyshop

    FoxyShop WordPress plugin As a musician you make most of your money selling music and playing live shows; however, a good portion of your income can also come from merchandise sales. Most of this stuff is usually sold at a booth at your live shows, but you can still sell the same goods online. Luckily, there are a variety of plugins you can use to sell your merchandise to those fans who desperately want a t-shirt with your latest album cover. One of the most common storefront plugins is Foxyshop. This plugin connects to their hosted shopping cart service, which enables you auto manage your inventory from within your WordPress dashboard. Foxyshop also has support for selling digital goods and subscriptions too.   The above plugins are a great way for you to connect with your fans and bolster your income as a musician. Did we miss any must-have plugins? Share your favorite WordPress plugins for musicians in the comments below.
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  • 6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Real Estate Agents

    Friday, December 2, 2016 by
    WordPress Plugins for Real Estate Agents Whether you’re a realtor or a developer, it’s important to have an understanding of how you can build the most effective and useful WordPress site for your needs. WordPress is an incredible framework for most website builds, as it’s extremely flexible, functional, and easy to use. Luckily, there are literally hundreds of plugins for you to choose from that will help to increase the functionality of your real estate website. However, with the sheer number of plugins available it can be overwhelming deciding which plugins will be the best fit for your needs. To simplify your search we’ve decided to break down a handful of the very best plugins for real estate agents. Let’s dive in! Recommended WordPress Hosting  

    1. WP-Property

    WP-Property - WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property Management This is an intuitive plugin that can benefit both real estate agents and property managers. You can easily create, edit, and manage the property listings across your website. WP-Property has a very easy to use user interface, so adding properties to your site is a breeze. Some of its features include:
    • Supports translation into Italian, Russian, and Portuguese
    • Allows for Google Map integration and the use of included shortcodes
    • Can allow you to display different types of templates for a wide variety of property-types
    • Well optimized for SEO purposes, to increase traffic to your listings

    2. IMPress Listings

    IMPress Listing - A Plugin For Realtors IMPress Listings is a free open source plugin that allows you to create a more effective listing management system for your website. The plugin was designed by the team Agent Evolution, who specializes in web solutions for agents and brokers. This plugin easily integrates into your existing theme with its pre-made templates. Features include:
    • Can create featured listings to show your favorite properties up top
    • Fully responsive, so it displays well across any screen
    • Very high number of data fields to easily customize your listings
    • Can create a default sorting structure for your listings

    3. Estatik

    Estatik - Full Featured Real Estate Plugin For WordPress Estatik is a relatively new WordPress real estate plugin. It seeks to be a clean and minimalist version of the other real estate plugins that are currently out there. The free version includes all of the features highlighted below, but is also available in two premium packages, including the Pro version, and the Pro version plus an additional theme. Some of its features include:
    • It’s fully responsive, so it’ll look good across multiple screen sizes (perfect for agents on the go)
    • It comes with its own custom themes, but can still integrate with most other themes in the marketplace
    • You can completely customize every listing
    • You can allow other agents to modify the listings from the front end
    • It has several other widgets that include advanced search, property slideshows, and location maps

    4. Easy Property Listings

    Easy Property Listing Through WordPress Easy Property Listings seeks to be the best plugin for easily adding real estate listings to your website. It works with most themes that are currently available without causing too much fuss. This plugin focuses on a single feature, and does it very well. In addition to the free features highlighted below there are also paid add-ons, which will enhance its functionality even further. Check out some of its features below:
    • Contains a “theme compatibility mode” to help with integration into your existing WordPress theme
    • Gives you multiple listing and pricing options for simple listing customization
    • Caters to international listings by allowing multiple currencies and locations
    • Can make showing and inspection appointments through the calendar function

    5. WP-Real Estate

    WP Real Estate - A WordPress Plugin WP-Real Estate is a great all-around plugin that will help to build your real estate website. If you’re looking to add additional functionality to your existing website, or truly unlock the potential of your site from the start, then give this plugin a go. Features include:
    • Can easily add and customize property listings
    • Has a translation feature to translate your site into multiple languages (perfect for cities where multiple languages are the norm)
    • Has an in-depth property search website to easily navigate between properties

    6. WPL Real Estate

    Real Estate Plugins - WPL Real Estate WPL Real Estate is a great plugin choice for real estate agencies. This plugin is designed to help improve your data management and listing management processes as a realtor. However, it can also be used for several other purposes, such as:
        • Adding properties to your listing wizard, and enable other agents to add listings as well
        • Easily categorizing your listings based upon property type, number of bedrooms, etc.
        • Displaying your listings on Google Maps to better gauge location
        • Sharing your listings to Facebook, email, Twitter, and more
    As a realtor it’s important to have a plugin that will help you achieve your goals and more easily manage your listings. The plugins featured above will help to improve the overall functionality and usefulness of your site.
  • 7 Best WordPress Plugins For Food Bloggers

    Thursday, November 3, 2016 by
    WordPress Plugins for Food Blogs WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there. It’s no wonder due to its power, reliability, and endless customization options. If you're a food blogger, you’re always looking for ways you can get more out of your blog. Plugins are a great way to do that. But there are literally thousands of plugins to choose from, so how do you choose the right ones? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled our favorites below. They range from plugins that’ll help you optimize the look of your recipes, to plugins that’ll help you get the most out of your traffic. Let’s dive in!  

    1. Recipe Hero

    Recipe Hero Recipe Hero will add a custom post type to your WordPress dashboard that enables you to easily store and create recipes. This plugin will give you a lot of control over how you display each recipe. Plus, you can add a responsive image gallery, which will help to truly immerse your readers in the recipe you’re creating. If you’re looking for even more customization options, there are also premium extensions available.  

    2. WP Ultimate Recipe

    WP Ultimate Recipe WP Ultimate Recipe allows you to easily embed beautiful recipes into your existing food blog. This plugin creates separate taxonomies and categories that will allow you to easily keep your recipes separate from the rest of your blog content. The free version of the plugin should be enough for most food bloggers. However, if you’re looking for extensive customization options, then you’re going to need to upgrade to the premium version of the plugin.  

    3. Recipe Card

    WordPress Recipe Card The final recipe builder plugin we profile is Recipe Card. This free plugin integrates nicely with a variety of existing WordPress themes. This plugin is equipped with a variety of templates that compliment your existing blog post content. One cool feature of this plugin is the ability for your visitors to print and save recipes, so they can actually bring them to life.  

    4. Pinterest Sidebar Widget

    Pinterest Pinboard Pinterest is one of the greatest sources of traffic for most food bloggers. As a result it’s a good idea to optimize your site around Pinterest. The Pinterest Sidebar Widget creates a smaller version of your Pinterest profile for the widget sidebar area of your blog. A single click on one of your pins will take your readers to your Pinterest page.  

    5. Pinterest Pin It Button

    Pinterest Pin It Button Like we mentioned above, Pinterest is a tremendous source of traffic for food bloggers. To get the most out of your existing content it’s a good idea to allow your users to share your content directly to Pinterest. A great way to do this is through the plugin Pinterest Pin It Button. This plugin will add a simple ‘Pin It’ Button to every image across your site. That way with a couple of clicks your readers can share your content to Pinterest for you.  

    6. Gravity Forms

    Gravity Forms As a blogger you’re going to want a way for your readers to reach out to you. We recommend using a contact form plugin that’ll filter out spam requests and give you a beautiful form your visitors can use. We recommend using Gravity Forms, as the forms are easy to create, look good on your site, and the plugin has a very minimal codebase, which means it won’t slow down your website.  

    7. Yoast SEO

    Yoast SEO Lastly, it’s always a good idea to optimize your posts to get the most traffic from the search engines as possible. If you use one of the recipe plugins above that data will be available for a Google recipes each. But, it’s always a good idea to take your onsite optimization a step further. Yoast SEO is a great plugin that’ll walk you through optimizing every post and piece of content on your site, while educating you throughout the process.   If you’re a food blogger, you can’t go wrong with the plugins above. Give them a try and take your site to the next level. Are there any plugins we missed? Share your favorites in the comments below. Recommended WordPress Hosting