Did you know? WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world – in fact, more than 30% of websites worldwide are powered by WordPress.

But as great as WordPress is, it does come with a fairly steep learning curve. Fear not! Our experts have got your back. We’re taking on the challenge and helping you create you first WordPress website!

Everything you need to know to build your first WordPress website…

In this FREE webinar, HostGator experts will break it on down, give you everything you need to know about WordPress hosting. This FREE WordPress tutorial will help you become comfortable in WordPress, decide if WordPress is the right choice for you, and how to get cranking on your first website in WordPress.

What you will learn: 

  • A guided view of the WordPress dashboard
  • Plugins to get the most out of your new website
  • How to choose and install design themes
  • How to edit and publish posts 
  • And more!

Watch the webinar

Recorded on February 12, 2020


sean dundon

Sean Dundon

Product Manager

Sean has been working with HostGator customers for over 8 years, leading a variety of teams from systems administration and monitoring to support and customer experience. An unabashed Linux geek at heart, Sean’s #1 priority as product manager is to ensure that everyone can make their voice heard around the world, regardless of their technical level.

Blair Williamson avatar

Blair Williamson

Content Marketing Manager

Blair loves reading, red wine, and self-torture called CrossFit. She has been building WordPress websites since 2014, and working for HostGator and managing the HostGator blog since July 2018. She has a passion for using content strategy to make websites easy to understand and easy to navigate.

Blair Williamson avatar

Blair Williamson is the content marketing manager for HostGator where she comes up with great ideas for blog content, webinars, and emails to help you rock your business.

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