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  • Top 10 Tech Trends to Watch in April 2017

    Thursday, April 6, 2017 by
    Tech news april 2017 Entrepreneurs have so much on their plate that staying on top of tech news is hard to fit in. But tech influences business, which means falling behind could have an adverse affect on your ability to run your business effectively. To help you stay on top of the fast-moving tech world, here’s April’s entry in our series on top tech trends to watch each month.  

    1. Consumers Express Concern About Loss of Internet Privacy

    This is quite possibly the most talked about tech issue in the country right now. The Congressional vote at the end of March reversing an FCC privacy law that prohibited internet providers from selling customer data has left many US citizens feeling shaken. The move makes it possible for companies like Time Warner and AT&T to sell data on their customers’ browsing habits to the highest bidder and has unleashed a backlash of concerned citizens who aren’t comfortable with the idea of their private internet use becoming a product for corporations.  

    2. Windows 10 Creators Update Launches

    The next update for the Windows operating system goes beyond your typical OS update, rolling out whole new features and programs designed to change how people think about the Windows operating system. The Windows 10 Creators update will launch April 11 and provide users with an app for 3D painting, new gaming features, and intuitive browsing features. Based on early reviews, this is an update Windows users can look forward to.  

    3. Twitter Says Goodbye to Egg Icons

    The Twitter egg avatar has become iconic, but not in a good way. Twitter eggs have increasingly become associated with online trolls and harassers who critics accuse of hiding behind the generic avatar rather than showing who they are. In an attempt to alleviate the issue, Twitter has changed the default avatar from an egg to a nondescript figure on a gray background with a generic floating head and shoulders. The goal is to make the icon explicitly less interesting in the hopes that people treat it more as a placeholder than an avatar for long-term use. Of course, critics aren’t all that confident the change will get at the root of the larger problem of anonymous harassment on the platform.  

    4. Twitter Increases Reply Lengths

    The Twitter character limit is part of the service’s appeal, but also oftentimes a limiting frustration for users. It becomes an inconvenience when replying to threads that include multiple people, since each username takes up some of the available character count. Twitter decided to tackle that issue by removing usernames from reply Tweets  themselves, and instead letting users know with a little note above the tweet who it’s in reply to. Reply to on Twitter  

    5. Facebook Adds Personal Fundraising Feature

    Taking a cue from the popular website GoFundMe, which people use to help raise money for needs like health procedures or educational expenses, Facebook now provides a personal fundraising option within the social media platform itself.  Users can raise funds for projects that fall within any one of six categories: education, medical, pet medical, crisis relief, personal emergencies, and loss. This is one of many functionalities Facebook has been building into the platform, giving users more reason to turn to Facebook for an ever growing number of uses.  

    6. Reviewers and Consumers Explore the Galaxy S8

    One of last month’s big tech stories was the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S8. This month, we can expect to see a preponderance of articles from consumers and tech journalists that examine the smartphone’s features. Journalists have already written pieces on the weaknesses of the product’s facial scanning technology, its display size, and its wireless speed. More opinions are sure to come.  

    7. Google Home Launches in the UK

    Little by little, smart home technology is making its way into the bedrooms and living rooms of people around the world. This month, Google announced that their smart assistant, Google Home, will now be available to people in the UK as well as the US. The product helps connect the different smart devices a customer has in their home and provides Siri-style answers to voice commands. This is one more step in the move toward smart homes becoming more of a norm for people around the world.  

    8. Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles Become Available

    Elon Musk announced via Twitter that Tesla’s solar roof tiles will become available for sale this month. The technology resembles regular roof shingles and Musk has suggested they’ll cost a comparable amount as well. The availability of this technology could pave the path to solar power becoming mainstream in homes throughout the US.  

    9. Cloudera, Yext, and Okta IPOs

    A new month means new IPO offerings and this month we can expect to see three big tech companies go public. The enterprise data company Cloudera already announced their IPO filing and early estimates put the IPO at about $200 million.  Yext should be joining the stock market this month as well, probably at around $100 million. And the identity management company Okta has filed as well for a value of $100 million. Tech investors have a few new and promising options to consider for their portfolio this month.  

    10. NAB Show Meets in Las Vegas

    Media, entertainment, and technology will converge from April 22-27 in Las Vegas at the NAB show. Exhibitors include a number of key tech players, particularly those in the fields of online video, mobile media, audio, and radio. Sessions will cover subjects like the future of broadcasting and the influence of new technologies on the media.   Like most months, April is a busy one for the tech world. Check back next month to see what tech trends to look forward to in May.
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  • Top Tech Trends to Watch in March 2017

    Thursday, March 2, 2017 by
    Tech Trends to Watch in March 2017 The tech world moves fast and entrepreneurs have every reason to pay attention. Some of the big tech stories of the month may have little to do with your particular industry or business, but others will likely point toward big changes to come that you want to be aware of. Our series on top tech trends to watch can help you stay on top of what’s happening in the tech world month to month. Here’s what you should know about what’s happening in tech in March. Dedicated Server  

    New Products and Projects Announced at MWC

    Tech Events March 2017A new month means a new tech conference (or sometimes several) and March is no different. Tech companies and enthusiasts have already converged on Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress to survey new releases and products that are expected to make their mark on the world of mobile technology. As you’d expect, many makers of smartphones were there, some of them showing off new smartphone models that consumers can expect to see hitting the market in the coming months. But the mobile industry is growing to include so much more than smartphones. VR headsets and drones were a big part of the show, and discussions around faster internet options, better video streaming, and autonomous cars abounded. Mobile technology has become a huge part of how we all live and do business today. Every business owner should be keeping a close eye on what’s coming in the mobile industry in order to be prepared for how people shop and browse in years to come. Stories and articles from the Mobile World Congress provide a glimpse at what that will be.  
    • Speaking of tradeshows... HostGator is attending Engage (#EngagePDX) on March 9th in Portland and Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW17) from March 22-24th in San Diego. If you'll be there, come say hi and meet Snappy and the team in person!

    Snapchat Launches IPO

    Snapchat IPOThe beginning of March brings one of the most anticipated and discussed IPOs of the year. The social media app Snapchat certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone, but the people using it (mostly a young demographic) use it enough for the app to have seen steady growth in ad revenue since its launch. If you're on there, follow us @HostGator! It’s often hard to predict which social media platforms will take off, and more importantly, which will have real staying power. Investors can now weigh in on whether they think the app’s current popularity is a temporary fluke or if they expect it to have the longevity its most popular competitors like Facebook and Twitter have shown.  

    The Tech Community Gathers at SXSW

    SXSW 2017SXSW is a conference devoted to ideas and creativity, and the conference’s tech industry sessions this year promise to include plenty of both. There are sessions covering topics familiar to anyone who’s been attending or following other tech conferences this year, like self-driving cars, robots, and AI. One of the biggest themes to emerge in this year’s tech sessions is the idea of applying tech to the world’s economic and political problems. Presenters will tackle the role can tech play in addressing issues like poverty, LGBTQ equality, health policy, and immigration. The tech community has always been inclined to think big, and this year’s SXSW tech sessions point to a larger intention to think beyond product ideas and IPOs and apply the industry’s brainpower to issues that touch people around the world. This year’s conference promises to leave attendees with plenty to think about and is likely to drive some of the ideas that shape our world in the months and years to come.  

    Apple Smart Glasses Set to Debut Soon

    apple glassesWhile they haven’t provided a hard release date yet, there’s speculation that the smart glasses Apple is working to develop could be released as early as this month. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been vocal in interviews about the company’s commitment to augmented reality. While Google Glass never really took off, if a player as big as Apple is still confident that AR will be the wave of the future (or at least a wave of the future), then there’s at least a strong possibility for the tech to improve and become a part of our lifestyle in the way smartphones did.

    Uber Responds to Accusations of Sexism

    uberWhile much of this month’s tech news is about looking forward, some tech stories point to aspects of the industry where progress has stalled or even seems to be moving backward. One of the biggest stories in tech that took social media by storm late last month was about the public accusations made by a former Uber employee about rampant sexism at the company. News outlets like the New York Times have spoken to others at the company that confirm the woman’s description of a sexist work culture and, in some cases, provided their own anecdotes of similar treatment. The company is taking steps to respond to the accusations, including hiring the well-known attorney Eric Holder to perform an investigation into the issue. While Uber does damage control, other tech companies are starting to find themselves in the crossfire for similar issues. Tesla’s currently being sued by an engineer who says she’s experienced sexism in various forms while working at the company. Whether or not these tech companies (and others who may well face similar accusations in the days to come) will respond in ways their employees and customers deem adequate remains to be seen.  

    SpaceX Ramps Up Plans to Send People Around the Moon

    spacexThe possibilities of space tourism continue to look more and more ambitious as Elon Musk tests the limits of what his company can handle. This past week, he announced his intentions to send tourists around the moon by the end of next year – a feat professional astronauts haven’t managed in over 40 years.   While limited budgets around the world place limitations on the space exploration that used to fall to government organizations, space tourism may be just the thing to keep people exploring the stars and beyond.  

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Release

    Samsung March 2017Samsung just announced that their new model of the Samsung Galaxy phone will become available to consumers on March 29. After last year’s model was famously recalled due to phones catching fire, people are curious to see what the new Samsung Galaxy model will bring. Details on the features and functions of the phone so far are scant, so consumers and tech insiders alike will have to wait and see what makes the new model different (other than presumably being more fireproof than its predecessor). But you don’t have long to wait - by this time next month the phone will be in the hands of its first customers.   March will likely bring some surprises we didn’t foresee, but we expect these stories to be some of the most important for the month. We’ll continue to keep an eye out for interesting and important tech news to bring you next month. Which event are you most excited for in March? Are you attending any tech conferences? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Building Your Start-Up In An Evolving Technological Era

    Wednesday, May 14, 2014 by
    startup 01 You've heard it before, “Small businesses have never been easier to start,” or conversely, “Fifty percent of all start-ups won't be around in five years.” The truth is, the resources and information to begin planning a business have never been more accessible thanks to the internet. Everything from marketing to building a web-page equipped with responsive design can be learned from the comfort of home. Business itself, however, has not gotten any easier. If anything, the world of the sale has only become more competitive. In this article we'd like to discuss what foundational steps are still necessary to getting started, while focusing on the possibilities presented with a globalized market-place.  

    Planning A Foundation

    It's important to imagine a business as being a living, breathing organism whose very life is dependent on the planning and investment placed in it. The best business owners make their careers extensions of their personality, strengths and skill sets. Knowing yourself and the lifestyle you like to live is a tremendous first step to developing a service others will respond to. Ask yourself three questions:
    • What skill or product can I offer that enough people need?
    • Does this business already exist? If so, how can I do it better?
    • Will this business still be in demand five to ten years from now?
      A foundation in the business world signifies room for growth, and a stable platform from which sustainability can be achieved. Without one, your business is 50% more likely to fail according to a study written by Paul Tiffany in “Business Plans for Dummies”. To get familiar with the look of a business plan, we'd highly advise checking out the steps involved at the Small Business Administration's website.  

    Finding Momentum In The 20th Century

    Rather than outlining the legal logistics, and discussing what form of business structure you should follow, we'd like to explore how to approach making sales in such a diverse economy. Apparent or not, making money has moved farther away from the cash register every year. According to PR Newswire, 89% of consumers prefer shopping online rather than in a store. A trend that has extended prominently into the mobile market as devices are being optimized to support mobile browsing and e-commerce. It may surprise you to know, but:
    • Four out of five consumers used smart phones to shop in 2013
    • 78% of retailers plan on investing in mobile technology this year
    • Global 3G coverage is expected to be at 21% in 2014, increasing access for mobile users

    What This Means

    Ask yourself one more question: Will what you're selling be able to exist in the online market space? That is to say, your service or product can be seen, sold and shipped to anywhere in the world. One of the greatest factors being considered in business models nowadays, is how to best utilize the power of global connectivity. Think about it. What once was a limiting and location based market has now expanded to the eyes of anyone capable of accessing your web-page. Which leads us into the next point. If you're not interested or are incapable of selling your product/service directly, having an online presence is still a must when it comes to how people choose businesses today. The faster your company can establish itself in the search engines, the more likely you will begin to see a profit.  

    Steps To Begin Optimizing Your Web-Page

    The optimizing phase is a great place to be at for a start-up. It means your brand has been developed, you have something ready for sale, and all that remains is allowing your business to be seen by those interested in your trade.   1. Build A Website With A Responsive Design Due to the increasing amount of mobile users, a factor to retaining traffic is whether or not your website will work equally as well from a smart-phone or tablet. Many customers will give up if a page doesn't load correctly, or if it takes too long while browsing on a mobile network. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a way of building your website to adjust gracefully between a computer, smart phone, tablet, or any other device of varying screen resolution. Many hosting sites have RWD built into the newer themes, saving you the extra dollar when it comes to having someone write the code instead. To remain competitive in 2014, it's imperative that your information can be accessed no matter what device it's found on.   2. Make Your Website Visible There's a great deal to be said about how a website ranks in the search engine nowadays. Google, for example, has completely updated their algorithms to allow for more authentic and viable content to appear before any spam based pages. If Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems like an entirely new language, it may be worth the investment to hire a company capable of having your website rank before your competitors.   3. Understand Your Customers With Analytics

    Part of remaining in business is understanding what your customers want. By using Google Analytics you'll be able to monitor how much traffic your site receives, as well as how they move through its pages.

    By knowing what content gets page visits, you can begin to cater parts of your service towards areas of higher demand.

      4. Tap Into Social Media

    It may not be the first stop for new customers, but the advantages of sharing your business and its updates with all of your existing social circles free of charge is unbeatable in the marketing world. Word of mouth is still one of the most popular means of referral, and if someone can recommend your company through Facebook it's more likely an individual will trust your friend than a review left on Yelp.


    Many businesses have learned the expenses involved with marketing, and with how much you can benefit from Facebook for free, it's definitely an option you should consider once you're ready.

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  • April 2013 Newsletter

    Friday, April 12, 2013 by
    It has been quite a while since our last official Newsletter.  The truth is that although we've been incredibly busy, and constantly growing, there hasn't been much news to share; its just been nose to the grindstone around the offices. Having said that, we wanted to take a moment to share with you some account security tips, news about our ever-growing social media presence, and first-up the fact that we're now hiring!  

    HostGator is Hiring!

    The truth is that HostGator virtually never stops hiring.  We are a constantly-growing company in an ever-expanding industry; we are always on the look out for qualified individuals to join us in our myriad of available positions.  From front-line Technical Support, to System Administrators, Billing Administrators, Account Managers, and Verifications Agents... entry-level through industry veterans, we are now hiring for all positions!  To apply, please visit or email us, HostGator also has an employee referral program that is open to anyone and everyone; we will pay you up to $2,500 to refer qualified candidates to us for employment!  Full information about the employee referral program is available at  

    Account Security:

    Did you know that one of the most common causes for a hosting account to become hacked, or otherwise compromised, is also the most easily preventable cause as well?  If you use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other PHP-script, database-driven CMS then it is vitally important that you keep these scripts up-to-date.  Failure to do so is literally an open door inviting hackers to gain access to your account.  Updating these scripts is as simple as logging into the back-end and clicking on any "update" notification that appears therein. If you install any of these scripts via HostGator's QuickInstall tool within cPanel, it will make this even easier for you by automatically updating your scripts!  

    HostGator on Social Media:

    HostGator is active on virtually every social media platform in existence today, from Facebook and Twitter to Google+, Instagram,  Pinterest, and more!  See the entire list, and follow us on your preferred platforms at this link.  

    New Domain Pricing!

    Now is an excellent time to register that new domain name you've had in mind! We've lowered the price to only $12.95 for all new .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info domain registration.  This price is good for multi-year registrations as well, however renewals will remain at the standard price.  Register your new domain now at!
  • April 2012 Newsletter

    Monday, April 16, 2012 by
    The lack of Newsletters for the past several months has been palpable; we do apologize.  Ideally, this circumstance will not occur again.  It is true that things have been very busy in the Gator'hood, but maintaining  a proper level of direct contact with you fine folks is a priority to us and we genuinely care about presenting information directly to you and interacting with you via this medium. Historically speaking, our monthly Newsletters have occasionally displayed a tendency to place the proverbial cart before the horse, by announcing some things a tad bit pre-maturely, *cough*LaunchPad*cough*!  The fact is that we love what we do and we get excited about new technologies or services and we naturally want to share them with you.  Being more conscious of the potentiality for unexpected delays to occur, from this point forward we intend to not bait you with any "Coming Soon!" things.  Rather, we're going to utilize this time to inform you about what is already available to you and try our best to keep you up on any new happenings around the Company each month.  

    GatorDesk Mobile: A New Way to Get Support!

    GatorDesk Mobile is now live, in beta!  You can fully manage your HostGator support tickets (read, update, create and even add attachments!), completely via your mobile device, at  This is the first of a series of mobile solutions to better assist you with your HostGator account.  Should you encounter any issues at all while using this new tool, please email us at so that we can take immediate action to resolve any issues you may experience.  

    Sale on Windows Dedicated Servers!

    We are very pleased to now be offering $100 off your first month with a new Windows Dedicated Server.  Every Windows Dedicated Server includes Microsoft WebMatrix, an excellent tool for creating, customizing and publishing websites!  Visit to get started today!  

    BaseKit: Have You Used it Yet?

    We are pretty excited about BaseKit!  Many of us have been testing it out around the office, and many Customers have created some impressive sites already as well.  BaseKit's primarily drag-n-drop functionality is super easy to use and includes many powerful widgets and app integration: Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube and many more!  Also, enjoy the variety of professional templates, customizable designs and full HTML/CSS control for you more savvy web designers, or those desiring to learn more about design! BaseKit is presently available on all Hatchling, Baby, Business & Reseller accounts.  

    Some Numbers:

    Back in December, we announced that on November 29th, 2011 at 9:21:23 CST, we hit our 5,000,000th LiveChat.  That was a milestone of which we were fairly proud.  Here are some of our Support statistics for the month of March, 2012:

    139,012 Chats

    68,362 Calls

    265,572 Tickets

      We will return next month with a new Newsletter, we promise!  Until then, remember: We are always hiring!  For more information, please visit