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What You Need To Know About Page Speed

To most people, page speed is usually a reflection of their Internet Service Provider, and never really thought of as an internal issue. While download speed and Internet packages definitely play a part in how quickly your website loads, there is an entirely separate list of factors that determine how quickly your content appears in someone’s browser.

Back in 2010, Google determined page speed was such an important aspect to how people experience a website, they included it in their ranking factors, which now greatly affect how your website appears in the SERPs. Nearly half of all consumers on the Internet expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less; while the experts at Google believe an optimized website worth their top ranking should load in under half a second.

These figures are backed by countless studies that show page speed can lead to serious losses in transactions solely due to the extra time in which people become frustrated and abandon a purchase in the online sales cart.

That’s why we’ve chosen to look at page speed from the small business perspective, and give you the resources to examine where your website could stand some improvements.

What Factors Determine Page Speed?

On the surface, it’s generally impossible for the average website owner to know what is preventing their pages from loading efficiently. Generally speaking, each of the following can contribute to your overall page speed:

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How To Determine If Your Website Is Loading Slowly

Fortunately, there a several accredited web tools that assist you in finding where the weak points in your website are occurring.

My first recommendation would be PageSpeed Insights from Google. The whole point to page optimization is to make Google happy, so knowing what they recommend for better page ranking is critical.

As you can see in the image below, even has a few flags they recommend fixing, but not everything can be optimized when choosing your sites functionality. Fortunately, our user rating ranked 100/100 which is the ultimate goal.

Some additional resources for analyzing your page speed include:


SEO Page Speed Best Practices

In order to comply with Google’s Best Practices for page speed, implement the following:

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