Why You Need Evergreen Content

Why evergreen content
When it comes to blogging there are so many different types of content for you to choose from. Some will resonate with your audience more than others. However, there is one style of content can actually send you traffic for years to come. All you have to do is invest the initial time in creating it.

What is this valuable style of content? It’s called evergreen content. In this post we’ll dive into what evergreen content is, and why your content strategy needs to include posts of this nature.

What Exactly Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that remains useful to your audience year after year. It’s not based around trends, or news. It tackles a core issue that your audience faces, that’s going to remain relevant.

Evergreen content is the style of post you bookmark and come back to time and time again, because it’s so valuable. There’s so much good information within you wouldn’t feel cheated if you had to pay for it.

Evergreen content is timeless and won’t fade away. You might have to update these posts over time, as new information becomes available. But, usually they’ll stand the test of time without any massive changes.

Evergreen content is incredibly valuable. When you first publish a post of this nature you should do what you can to create attention around it. As the more initial attention it receives the more likely you will cement its evergreen status.

This piece of content is usually the definitive guide on the subject matter. It’s very in-depth and covers the topic from every angle. These posts are usually incredibly long, and can often get into five figure word counts.

Depending on your industry even a content piece that’s valuable for a year or two can still be considered evergreen. It all depends on the speed at which your industry moves.

Why You Need To Include Evergreen Content

So, now that you know what evergreen content is, you might be wondering what makes it so valuable? After all, this kind of post will take a lot of time to create. Below you’ll find the three main reasons evergreen content needs to play a role in your content strategy.

1. Gets Higher Search Engine Rankings

Since evergreen content is very-high quality and tends to have a high word count, it tends to rank very highly in the search engines. Some research suggests that longer content is actually valued by the search engines. This also means you’ll want to ensure this content focuses around a few high traffic keywords in your niche.

2. Generates Leads Over Time

Since these posts will be ranking highly and receiving a large amount of traffic you should properly optimize these posts to collect leads. These posts can bring you a steady stream of leads for a long time without you having to do any additional work beyond the initial publishing and promotion.

3. These Are High Traffic Posts

Since evergreen content tends to rank higher in the search engines, this means these posts can be responsible for a lot of website traffic. Once these posts rank highly they tend to stay, since they are often the definitive pieces of content on the topic. This means this kind of post will send your site a high volume of traffic even a long while after you published the post.

Evergreen content will work for your business a long time after it’s originally published. To make your blog a timeless resource make sure you included posts that will serve your audience for years to come.

Kevin Wood writes about technology and human potential. You can find him at his virtual homes Wooden Writing and Counter Culturist.