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When the time comes to build your website you’re going to have a lot of different options to choose from. If you currently use HostGator hosting, then one of those options is going to be using the HostGator website builder.

This beginner-oriented tool will help you quickly and easily build a beautiful website and get it online as fast as possible. But, is this builder the right fit for your site?

Below we look at the core features of the website builder and highlight a few of our favorite themes you can choose from.

drag and drop website builder

What is the HostGator Website Builder?

The HostGator website builder is a feature-packed website builder that caters to beginners who are looking to get their first sites online.

Overall, the theme collection is quite expansive, offering you over 200 different mobile-friendly themes to choose from. Below we take a look at some of the overall features you’ll have access to when you build a site with this tool.

  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality with no development skills required.
  • Pre-built pages and sections, so you don’t have to be a professional designer.
  • Built-in SEO optimization so you can increase the chances of your site ranking.
  • Social media buttons to encourage your visitors to share your content.
  • Ability to customize things like your color scheme, font choice, images, and more.
  • PayPal integration to easily sell your products and services.

Who Is the Website Builder Best Suited For?

If you’re just getting started online and the thought of building your own website terrifies you, then let this eCommerce website builder greatly simplify the process for you. If you’re already using HostGator to host your site, then using this builder is a no-brainer. The Basic version is completely free and included with all hosting plans.

You can quickly create a simple and attractive website. With the pre-built templates and extensive theme selection it’s very easy to build out your site, and all without any existing design or development knowledge.

Top HostGator Website Builder Themes

hostgator website builder themes

Now, there are over 100 different builder themes for you to choose from, so it would be impossible to highlight all of them here.

Instead, you’ll find ten of our favorite themes broken down by various industries. If any of the themes below pique your interest, perfect, but if not, then feel free to explore the entire collection here.

Builder Themes for Real Estate Websites

Luxury Apartments

website builder for real estate

This theme is perfect for those who run apartments complexes and are looking for a way to show off the highlights of their building. You’ll notice the beautiful background image that’ll immediately grab your visitors. The customizable sections make it easy to showcase your main benefits, any neighborhood highlights, complex images, and of course your company information and location.

Personal Realtor

website template for personal realtor

If you’re looking for the perfect way to make yourself stand out as a realtor, then check out this theme. You’ll be able to offer visitors a brief intro about who you are and why they should work with you before jumping into the details about the properties you have for sale. It’s simple but includes all the features you need to help you sell more homes.

Builder Themes for Restaurant Websites

Classy Restaurant

restaurant website template

This minimalist theme will encourage visitors to come by your restaurant while providing them with all the information they need. Your visitors will be able to easily access your menu, learn about your restaurant, and even book reservations online. The enticing homepage image will help you represent your restaurant in a positive light.

Coffee Shop

website template for coffee shop

This clean theme is perfect for a modern coffee shop or cafe. The eye-catching homepage image is the perfect place to highlight what makes your business unique. The single-page scrolling feature makes it easy to highlight your menu, tell your story, and showcase your location.

Builder Themes For Business Websites

Elegant Storefront

website builder for small business

This elegant theme is perfect for retail spaces that want to expand into the online space. You’ll be able to highlight your current inventory and what makes your store unique. Plus, with the e-commerce functionality, you can quickly begin selling your own products.

Online Business

online business website builder

Whether your company is awesome or not, you still deserve an awesome website template. If you run a creative agency or online business of any kind, this minimalist theme will let you highlight what you do in the cleanest manner possible. Showcase your portfolio, your services, and your USP with ease.

Builder Themes for Photographer Websites

Professional Photographer

photography website builder

If photography is your bread and butter then consider using this theme to showcase your work. This theme is perfect for giving life to your portfolio and making your work more accessible. It’s clean and simple, so the design of the site won’t distract from your beautiful photos.

Artistic Side

artistic website template

If you’re a more creative photographer or want to showcase your other work, such as paintings or drawings, then consider using this bright and enticing theme. The sample theme is geared towards running an art gallery or exhibit, but can easily be adapted to showcasing your personal work as well.

For Creative Portfolios


template for artist websites

If you’re a creative who works across multiple different mediums and formats, then utilize this theme to highlight your best work. It’s clean and simple, so there won’t be any distractions from your unique set of projects. The home page image is the perfect place to highlight what makes you unique, while the portfolio page will let you feature the diverse set of products you’ve completed.


art website template

Are you looking for a way to showcase and sell your art? Then try out this attractive theme. This minimalist theme makes your art the central point of focus. You’ll be able to easily educate visitors about yourself and your art along with highlighting your most recent work.

More Website Builder Themes

If we didn’t cover your niche above, don’t worry, there’s a huge theme selection that caters to almost every type of website out there, including:

  •    Beauty and Fashion
  •    Design
  •    Technology Industries
  •    Hotels and Travel
  •    Lifestyle Sites
  •    Music and Nightlife
  •    Simple One-Page Sites
  •    Weddings
  •    Simple Online Stores
  •    Sports-Related Sites
  •    Pets and Animals
  •    Construction and Other Trades
  •    Simple Blogs
  •    Business Consultant

Hopefully, you have a greater understanding about what kind of themes you’ll have to choose from when using the HostGator website builder.

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