HostGator is excited to announce our new Customer Portal! We strive to empower our customers to grow their online presence and with this update, it will be easier than ever.

The Portal has been completely redesigned for a better, more efficient hosting and account management integration. While all of the essential features of our Customer Portal are still available, the overall look and navigation has been streamlined for a better experience for our customers.

new HostGator portal launching 2019

Before we dive in, let’s clear up any confusion there might be about the differences between the Customer Portal and the Control Panel (cPanel).

The Customer Portal allows you to pay your invoices, change your contact information, sign up for new hosting plans and manage all your billing related details. The Portal also gives you access to cPanel.

The Control Panel (cPanel) is where you need to go if you’re looking to upload files to your website, check your email or add a domain to your hosting account.

Check out this recording of our webinar that featured a live demo of the new portal…

Luckily, with this updated Customer Portal, it will be simple to navigate between the two! Learn more about our simplified navigation and other new features below:

Streamlined Account Management

This version of the Customer Portal brings a modern user experience and a simplified navigation model together to provide seamless account management. Not only will your favorite tools be easier to find, but you’ll also have easier access to our 24/7 live chat and our other support options.

You can also look forward to a smooth transition between the Customer Portal and your site’s cPanel account. This will give website first-timers easy access to make site changes while still allowing seasoned internet pros to explore the many features and tools our Customer Portal has.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Our new responsible interface allowed you to manage your website anytime, from any mobile device or tablet. This highly-requested feature will allow you to make both quick changes and site overhauls.

Where will you work on your website now that our Customer Portal is responsive? Tweet us @hostgator and let us know!

New Hosting Dashboard

In this rendition of the Customer Portal, we’ve introduced several new pages to simplify your overall experience. The Portal will now feature a brand-new home page to give you an easy view of all your hosting plans.

You will also have access to your own Hosting Dashboard. This dashboard will highlight your hosting plan’s details, display your server information and give you site recommendations. It will also link you to a few cPanel shortcuts – to make managing your domains and email effortless.

Better Control Panel Integration

Like we mentioned above, the Customer Portal and you cPanel account will be seamlessly integrated. The Customer Portal will also have Single Sign-On and Quick Launch features for faster access to your cPanel account, meaning you only have to log in once to access all of your site’s back-end resources.

Whether you are a seasoned internet pro or just starting out with your first website, the new Customer Portal is a simple and powerful way to manage your domains, hosting, email, and websites. We’d love to know if you have questions – leave them in the comments below.

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