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HostGator Mystery Sale!

Calling all Scooby Doos and Nancy Drews… are you ready to solve a cyber mystery? This mystery is the first of its kind, and Snappy needs your help.

Here’s what we know.

The scene of tHe crime is on a website.

It invOlves a very Special producT,

…known for powerinG successful blogs, businesses, And applications online.

Snappy the alligaTor is involved.

YOu have until Friday at midnight to solve the mysteRy.



If you’ve guessed that it’s our first-ever HostGator Mystery Sale, offering mega deals on web hosting all week long, you are a super sleuth!

That’s right! From today through Friday, September 23rd, we are hosting a mystery sale on all of our shared web hosting plans for terms of 12 months or more! Your mystery discount will be revealed at checkout. Enjoy up to 65% savings off your new website!

Whether you’re starting your first blog or need a professional website that will grow with your business, HostGator’s shared web hosting plans make it easy to succeed online. Enjoy the following features and more:

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