With HostGator you can get the website you need for where you’re at or where you’re going.

We’ve got a range of hosting plans to fit your needs. No matter if you need an informational site for your business, a blog, or an online store, we’ve got it. Plus the tools you need to protect and market your website.

From goal-digger to money-maker, we’ve got your back. And you’ll never outgrow this friendship.

Don’t be stuck with some square. Get a HostGator website that scales as your business grows.

Unstuckable [uhn-stuhk-uh-buhl]:

verb, adjective, awesome.
Flexibility. Scalability. Everything you need, even if you don’t know you need it. The power to grow forever. The ability to go live without limits. The absence of blockers.

Start with HostGator. Stay with HostGator.

bio photo of Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright
General Manager, HostGator
Builder of Websites Since Age 12

“At HostGator, we are really pumped about helping our customers succeed so their businesses and dreams can grow. We like to say HostGator is “unstuckable” because, with us, your website can grow and scale with your business. Plus, our support staff works around the clock and is down to chat whenever you need help.”

– Andrew Wright, General Manager of HostGator, Builder of Websites since age 12

What is unstuckable? At HostGator, it means…

grow beyond your first website

Grow Beyond Your First Website.

When you’ve outgrown the limits of your first website, we’ve got web hosting packages that scale with your business. No commitment-phobia here. E-Commerce? WordPress? Yeah, we do that too.

plans and packages to fit any business

Built by Web Pros. For, Well, Everyone.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how much experience you (don’t) have. We’ve been around forever and we’ve got the skills to help anyone get online. We love this stuff and want you to dig it too!

unlimited sites one login

Unlimited Sites & One Login.

Need more than one site? There’s a flat rate plan for that. Manage all your sites from one cPanel login. Easy peasy.

plans and packages to fit any business

We Work When You Work.

24/7/365. 366 days on leap years. Whether you’re staying late at the office, or chugging down coffee while you work your side hustle, we’ll take your call. Or chat. Or email.

Snappy will help you get unstuck

Our customers say…

  1. “I tried to change my domain by myself and in 1 second, it was gone! Thankfully, HostGator was able to help me. After a few tears and one phone call, they fixed it.” – Erin Parker, Erin Kaiulani Photo
  2. “It blows me away how friendly & non-condescending folks are when I call with (sometimes silly) questions. And I’ve never once hung up from a call without a solution.” – Michelle Visser, Souly Rested
  3. “Moving my blog to HostGator has been the best decision I made this year. I no longer have to worry about my site going offline due to constant technical issues from my previous host.” – Emeh Achanga, Miss Petite Nigeria Blog