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What’s The Difference Between The New and Legacy Servers?


As technology evolves, it’s important for us to offer a cutting edge product while also maintaining a tried and true standard. With this is mind, we have launched our new dedicated server platform. Our goal with this post is to briefly outline the differences between our two generations of servers.

The new servers build upon our legacy platform with an increase in resources, essentially offering up to double the current configuration of memory and processing power as well as SSD storage.

Another feature of the new servers is the dynamic scalability. The demands of your website may change over time, and we understand the realities of this as well as the inconvenience of needing to physically upgrade to a new server when you outgrow your current one. To that end, you can now upgrade your RAM or CPU within the same physical server. This means no change of IP address or data migration. The one caveat to this feature would be a change from HDD to SSD storage. There is simply no way around a physical migration in this instance, however we have streamlined this migration process to make it as transparent and efficient as possible.

Both generations of dedicated servers are still powerful and flexible in regards to SSL and operating system options, though the new servers do allow for multiple Linux distributions. The security features are still top-notch, including DDOS protection and an IP-based firewall.

All told, our new dedicated servers will set the standard for the future of web hosting. Give us a call today at 844-218-7741 to discuss your new HostGator dedicated server.