Chromebook Promotional Program Terms (USA)


Follow the steps below to make a qualifying purchase to receive your free Chromebook.

  • Select a SHARED hosting package of 12-MONTHS OR MORE.
  • At checkout, G-Suite for ONE user will be automatically selected, DO NOT DESELECT IT.
  • G-Suite term length must be at least 1 YEAR.
  • Use Coupon Code GOOGLE.

A. General Terms

  1. Promotion codes are issued by Google LLC and must be redeemed on the Chrome Enterprise Store. Unused promotion codes expire on December 31, 2017, at midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST), unless that date is extended in accordance with these terms. Google does not impose any fee on your use or possession of the promotion code.
  2. Your promotion code is an offer of a discount for the purchase of a Chromebook through the Chrome Enterprise Store.  This code does not have monetary value until it is used under the terms of the offer. It may be used for eligible purchases on the Chrome Enterprise Store only. Items eligible for purchase using the promotion code are the selected Chromebook SKUs for this promotion.  These SKUs are the Samsung Chromebook Pro m3 4GB and the HP13 Chromebook Pentium 4GB. The promotion code may not be used on other Google properties or third-party websites outside of the Chrome Enterprise Store.
  3. Your promotion code is a separate balance from any prepaid balance you may now or in the future associate with your Chrome Enterprise Store account. Your promotion code may not be combined with any additional discount codes, nor may the code be combined with any prepaid balances in your Chrome Enterprise Store account, nor can the code be transferred to other users or withdrawn for cash. The promotion code is not reloadable and has no cash value.
  4. Each unique promotion code will cover the entire MSRP cost of a HP Chromebook 13 Pentium 4GB ($519 MSRP) or the Samsung Chromebook Pro m3 4GB ($549 MSRP).  Each unique promotion code is valid for one device.  Customer may select either device and there are no restrictions on preference.
  5. Activation of your G Suite account must take place prior to December 27, 2017. Your redemption code will be emailed to you after your G Suite account has been activated.
  6. You must use all promotion codes before December 31, 2017, and any unused promotion codes will expire on December 31, 2017, at midnight PST. Once expired, the promotion code is invalid and has no monetary value.
  7. Customers may purchase more than one Chromebook in the same purchase process in which they plan to apply the promotion code.  However, the promotion code will only apply to one device.  The total maximum discount available to a customer with a promotion code is $519 or $549 (depending on device chosen) or an amount that equals the MSRP of the single chosen device.
  8. In the event you receive a refund of a purchase made with the promotion code, any refunded amount will be credited back to your promotional balance for future use under these same terms.  If the Chromebook you select and redeem under this promotion is damaged or defunct, the device may only be returned and replaced with the same device from the manufacturer.  A returned device may not be exchanged with a different device and is not eligible to be exchanged for a monetary return.  All device issues will be handled by the device manufacturer (Samsung or HP).  If a refund is provided for an expired promotional balance, no new codes will be issued.
  9. You certify that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age and a resident of the United States. The promotion does not apply to residents of Hawaii, Alaska, or any U.S. territory outside the contiguous U.S.  Terms for the specific promotion or the laws of your location may impose additional requirements.
  10. Google is not responsible for supporting issues with the promotion codes or devices.  All issues with promotion codes are handled by Promevo.  All device questions should be directed to the device manufacturer (i.e., Samsung or HP).  All questions about the mechanics of the promotion should be directed to HostGator.
  11. You certify that you are not receiving this promotion in your capacity as a government official.
  12. Google reserves the right to modify these terms of service from time to time in its discretion to the extent permitted by law.