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  • The Importance Of Evergreen Content In Your Marketing Strategy

    Thursday, January 21, 2016 by
    Why You Need Evergreen Content When it comes to blogging there are so many different types of content for you to choose from. Some will resonate with your audience more than others. However, there is one style of content can actually send you traffic for years to come. All you have to do is invest the initial time in creating it. What is this valuable style of content? It’s called evergreen content. In this post we’ll dive into what evergreen content is, and why your content strategy needs to include posts of this nature.

    What Exactly Is Evergreen Content?

    Evergreen content is content that remains useful to your audience year after year. It’s not based around trends, or news. It tackles a core issue that your audience faces, that’s going to remain relevant. Evergreen content is the style of post you bookmark and come back to time and time again, because it’s so valuable. There’s so much good information within you wouldn’t feel cheated if you had to pay for it. Evergreen content is timeless and won’t fade away. You might have to update these posts over time, as new information becomes available. But, usually they’ll stand the test of time without any massive changes. Evergreen content is incredibly valuable. When you first publish a post of this nature you should do what you can to create attention around it. As the more initial attention it receives the more likely you will cement its evergreen status. This piece of content is usually the definitive guide on the subject matter. It’s very in-depth and covers the topic from every angle. These posts are usually incredibly long, and can often get into five figure word counts. Depending on your industry even a content piece that’s valuable for a year or two can still be considered evergreen. It all depends on the speed at which your industry moves.

    Why You Need To Include Evergreen Content

    So, now that you know what evergreen content is, you might be wondering what makes it so valuable? After all, this kind of post will take a lot of time to create. Below you’ll find the three main reasons evergreen content needs to play a role in your content strategy.

    1. Gets Higher Search Engine Rankings

    Since evergreen content is very-high quality and tends to have a high word count, it tends to rank very highly in the search engines. Some research suggests that longer content is actually valued by the search engines. This also means you’ll want to ensure this content focuses around a few high traffic keywords in your niche.

    2. Generates Leads Over Time

    Since these posts will be ranking highly and receiving a large amount of traffic you should properly optimize these posts to collect leads. These posts can bring you a steady stream of leads for a long time without you having to do any additional work beyond the initial publishing and promotion.

    3. These Are High Traffic Posts

    Since evergreen content tends to rank higher in the search engines, this means these posts can be responsible for a lot of website traffic. Once these posts rank highly they tend to stay, since they are often the definitive pieces of content on the topic. This means this kind of post will send your site a high volume of traffic even a long while after you published the post. Evergreen content will work for your business a long time after it’s originally published. To make your blog a timeless resource make sure you included posts that will serve your audience for years to come.
  • 5 Easy Ways to Value and Appreciate Your Customers

    Tuesday, January 19, 2016 by
    5 Ways to Value and Appreciate Customers Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Showing and expressing gratitude for being our customers is the least we can do to make them feel valued and appreciated. Countless of our customers have taken their time to promote our business on our behalf to their friends and social circles, they have spent time reaching out to us with support and technical questions, they have reviewed our products and have left invaluable feedback, and even then, we are still collecting their money. How can we give back so that our customers feel valued?

    1. Thank Them Personally

    The easiest way to express your gratitude for your customers is to thank them personally, be it through a physical postcard, or through email. There really aren't that many more ways to be sincere and appreciative at the same time than by leaving a personal note, perhaps going as far as outlining as to why they have been such great customers.

    2. Gift Them Knowledge

    Whether it's a book that talks about your business and the kind of field you are working in, or something like a subscription to an online course (it's very possible to arrange good deals for companies that want to attract multiple customers at a time), giving gifts shows that you have plenty of resources to go around for everyone, and you're not desperate to squeeze out more juice from an orange that's already dry.

    3. Connect With Them

    Depending on the industry and field you are working in, it's very likely that you will know a handful of customers on a first name basis. Why not take this opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper one-to-one level and take them out for lunch or dinner, perhaps to watch a sports game together (you're of course paying for the tickets), or any other activity that would involve fun and relaxation, and the ability to talk about normal life things. This is a nice way to appreciate the human nature of your customers.

    4. Value Upgrades

    There are customers who have been sticking with your products and business for a long time, why not showcase your gratitude by giving them a free upgrade to a more popular plan or feature that you offer? This is a great initiative that makes customers feel special and in turn keeps them subscribed and more active for longer.

    5. On-boarding Offers

    Sometimes you also have to express your appreciation for those customers who have yet to purchase your product, the basic on-boarding strategy of your business should include a range of coupons, discounts and special offers that would further help to attract customers from places like social media, online forums, and word of mouth. Make your products sound truly appealing, and then offer an unbeatable offer that will surely capture the attention of those who are really seeking help of your product; remember that it only takes that one special offer to acquire a customer, someone who could end up staying with your business for life. In what ways do you show your customers that you appreciate them? Let us know in the comments!
  • 5 WordPress Plugins For Managing and Publishing Podcasts

    Thursday, January 14, 2016 by
    5 WordPress Plugins for Podcasters More bloggers are converting their existing written content into short and medium-sized podcasts that bring about a variety of benefits to the blogger as well as anyone consuming that kind of content, and you don't have to eliminate one to work on the other as both can be combined together quite easily. As for the benefits that bloggers can yield from becoming regular podcasters, I think the most important one to recognize is that it help to connect with the audience on a much deeper level. Apart from that, podcasting is another option for monetizing content by talking about sponsorships directly on the podcast, which in turn also helps the blog (business) grow and flourish. There are a lot of content consumers out there who would much rather consume audio content than text, and this can help to attract a new range of audience that will further help you climb the ladder of blogging success.


    More than 55,000+ bloggers are using the powerful features of PowerPress to provide a seamless podcasting experience to their readers. It's the most popular WordPress podcasting plugin that has been crafted by podcasters themselves. PowerPress allows you to integrate both Google Play and iTunes, as well as custom HTML5 media support that you can use to display audio and video content. Explore the list of full features on the WordPress plugin page to appreciate the kind of support this plugin can bring to your podcasting experience.


    Podlove is for those bloggers who want to take their existing (or non-existing) podcasting experience to the next level. With more than three years of development behind this plugin, Podlove brings about a simple open-source podcasting solution that will help you remain in charge of how your podcasts appear on the web, how well they are performing, how you can optimize them, and even give you the necessary tools to ensure that you are being rewarded for the work that you do.

    Seriously Simple Podcasting

    Simplicity is key in everything, especially blogging and podcasting. The moment we overcomplicate things, our readers start to question our intentions and level of experience. Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin understands this and provides a simple podcasting plugin that focuses only on the important aspects of podcasting, and how to make it as accessible a possible. Collect statistics about each podcast, publish podcasts under any kind of post-type that you are using on your blog, implement RSS feed capabilities that will make publishing a breeze, and never worry about leaving the WordPress dashboard as the plugin will natively support the media player that WordPress provides.

    Podcasting by TSG

    The Podcasting plugin by TSG brings complete podcasting support to WordPress. This allows you to use any media file from somewhere on the web (either your site or another site) and it will add it to an iTunes-based feed. The Podcasting plugin also includes player support allowing visitors to play the media file directly on your site.

    Buzzsprout Podcasting

    Buzzsprout is a hugely popular podcast publishing platform, and with the help of this easy to use plugin you will be able to tap into your directory of Buzzsprout podcasts that you have uploaded, and then have them displayed on your WordPress blog through the WordPress media-player. Full iTunes integration makes Buzzsprout appealing to those who want to publish high-quality podcasts without losing productivity.
  • Introducing Cloud Sites on HostGator

    Wednesday, January 13, 2016 by
    HostGator Cloud Sites Banner Here at HostGator, the word “unlimited” just expanded in scope. In keeping with our goal to always provide the best service and products in the industry, it is with great pleasure that we now introduce our new cloud hosting platform. We are able to offer our customers increased reliability, scalability and performance while still giving them full access to the cPanel features they know and love, in the cloud! Built on pooled compute and storage resources with features that allow us to respond quickly and easily to any hardware issues that arise, our cloud platform also includes a fully-redundant storage array with three copies of your data mirrored to ensure optimum data integrity. Our new cloud platform natively integrates automatic caching of static content to ensure lightning-fast page load speeds. If more compute resources are needed to serve up the dynamic content, a click of a button can scale up to 8 cores and 8GB RAM via the Server Performance Dashboard. This is up to 4x more than what some competitors offers. In addition, customers now have access to an Intuitive Performance Dashboard which provides real time metrics on page download speed, server uptime, visitor information, and resource utilization.
    HostGator Cloud SitesCloud Sites At   Enjoy easy resource scaling with the click of a button: Scaling Resources at HostGator
    All of the features of our classic Baby, Hatchling and Business plans are also included in the cloud packages, with the additional benefits outlined above. Transferring from Shared to Cloud is snap, simply contact our team to assist with the transfer after the order is purchased.  

    Hatchling Cloud

    Allows you to host a single domain, while maintaining the unlimited sub and park domain capabilities enjoyed by the classed Shared Hatchling. Dual core CPU unit and 2 GB of RAM are available, with unmetered bandwidth and unmetered storage.

    Baby Cloud

    Hosting for unlimited domains, along with an increase in CPU (up to quad core), and 4 GB of RAM. Bandwidth and storage are both unmetered.

    Business Cloud

    Maintains the unlimited domains, addon domains and parked domains, while increasing the CPU up to 6 cores, with 6 GB of RAM. A private SSL is also included for eCommerce purposes. All of the plans include fully integrated local caching. We're very pleased to be launching your websites into the cloud! If you have any questions about the new product, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    Get Started in the Cloud!

  • 5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Small Businesses

    Tuesday, January 12, 2016 by
    5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Small Businesses
    Conversion rates will always be part of a business. You spend time building a product, you spend time polishing it, you spend time marketing, and that's when potential customers start to roll your way, but not everyone becomes a permanent customer, so strategies and tactics need to be revised, and most commonly this is done through conversion rate optimization. A business can be doing really well, but in terms of sales, there is always room for more. Quite often, our business module is not performing as good as we have anticipated because we haven't put in place some solid strategies for optimizing our conversion rates on a global scale. The traditional way of optimizing conversion rates is about improving our website and the landing pages, which is what we will look deeper into in this post.

    1. Utilize marketing widgets

    One of the most popular widgets to come to the market in recent years has been the SumoMe widget. A versatile widget that offers a variety of ways to optimize your website for marketing purposes. You can use a feature called Smart Bar which will add a header bar to your website through which you can share free premium content with your visitors in exchange for their email address. A feature called Heat Maps will allow you to record live website interaction from your visitors, giving you a chance to review those recordings and understand fully where a user starts to browse the website, and where it ends, and what could be done to improve the overall navigation experience.

    2. Solve specific problems

    More and more businesses are trying to solve more and more problems, when in fact trying to solve ten problems with one piece of software might actually be very dangerous for your business. WordPress advertises itself as a blogging platform, it doesn't specify that it can be used as a shopping platform, or that it can be built into an auction site. It sells one message only, the fact that it is a blogging platform. Your business should have the same ideology about your products. If you're selling an email marketing platform, don't try to sell integrated services for customer relationship management; they just don't go together. It's important that our sales pitch matches our actual product, making it easier for our customers to make the final decision.

    3. A/B/C tests are invaluable

    Testing different versions of your website still remains as one of the most rewarding and convenient ways of understanding how different versions of your site work for your users. Simple understanding of color psychology might change the way you use colors on your website forever. The fact of the matter is, whenever we optimize our sites for conversions, we are constantly changing the way our website looks, the heading elements, the number of images we use, and yes even the choice of colors we have made, but how exactly do we know which changes caused an increase or a decrease in our conversions? The only way to find out is by implementing a solid A/B testing strategy.

    4. Optimized content

    Content marketing is an invaluable way of generating free exposure and ultimately leads. Having a good content marketing strategy, and understanding of content marketing itself, is essential to the success of your business growth. Content needs to be shaped around answers and questions, and before you sit down to write that big piece of content, perhaps you should first understand who your content is for:
    1. Who is this content being written for? What kind of customers are we trying to target?
    2. What particular problem this content is trying to solve? How will this content help our visitors to take actionable steps?
    3. What are we trying to achieve with this content? What's the main call to action?
    Good content will be able to answer all of these questions and will naturally help a business to increase conversion rates by utilizing tactical answers and button placements.

    5. Customer success

    As a business, your job is to help your customer achieve a certain goal, to solve a particular problem. Beyond the basic use of your software/platform, they will be more than keen to explore tutorials and insightful content about the industry you're working in, all yielding potential for your customers to succeed. To help your customers achieve their own success, focus on the following:
    • Customer Support -- Be proactive about the support services you provide, especially to customers who may have less technical experience.
    • Customer Engagement -- Having a team of people who are with the customers from the pre-customer stage to customer stage can be an immense help in increasing your conversion rates. An online experience should be as seamless as physical experience.
    • Customer Education -- This is where we come back to content, as it can be a means of educating our customers about the latest updates, tips, insights, and offers. This includes email marketing.
    And if we can combine all of these tips together in a single strategic plan, we are bound to increase our conversion rates by a significant margin.