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  • How to Protect Your Data from Your Employees (and Yourself)

    Thursday, July 21, 2016 by

    Protect Your Data

    No matter how careful you are about protecting your business information, there’s always a risk someone will break into your system to steal customers’ payment and password data. Although years of international data breach studies say theft is usually external, some of your staffers’ work practices (and yours) may unintentionally make it easier for outsiders to breach your security. Here are some habits you and your employees should break.

    Putting off updates

    It’s so, so tempting to dismiss those time-to-update notices from your antivirus program, your operating system, and your applications. You’re busy, it only takes a quick click to clear your screen, and you can get back to work. The problem is that putting the update off can become a habit, and that leads to extra risk.

    That’s because whenever an update notice goes out, hackers see it, too, and they start looking for businesses and networks that don’t quickly patch their software. According to the global 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, most of the attacks against out-of-date software happen within three months of the update announcement.

    If your team puts off updates to avoid work slowdowns, schedule updates to happen automatically overnight or at another time when your employees are offline. (Critical updates, of course, should happen as soon as possible.)

    BYOD without bringing device security

    Do you and your employees use your own mobile devices, tablets, and laptops to work while you’re outside the office? If you have a “bring your own device” policy (BYOD), you also need a BYOD security policy to protect your business information on those devices. Specifically, you need to ensure that you have control over which business data your staff can access on their own devices and have a way to remove that data if they resign, are fired, or lose their device. Just like your business network, employees’ devices should have up-to-date security programs and software to protect their data and yours.

    Exposing data to physical theft

    In the push to update your digital security, remember that physical security matters, too. If a bad apple finds the smartphone you left on the plane, the tablet sitting in your parked car, or the laptop you leave your desk, they can literally walk away with your data.

    Insurer Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey experienced this in 2013, when thieves stole two employee laptops and compromised data for 840,000 health-insurance clients. CSO Online reported that the machines sat in plain sight, attached to desks with cable locks that the thieves cut, and with no data encryption to protect customer records in case of theft or loss.

    Your employees should make sure to store laptops and other devices out of sight and under lock and key. It’s up to you to ensure the devices use the necessary password and encryption tools. (You can generate a secure password here.) While you’re protecting your current hardware, make sure you require employees to wipe data from old machines that are being replaced, too.

    Clicking links in phishing emails

    The wave of phishing attempts is higher than it’s been in more than a decade. Phishing attacks trick email recipients into clicking on links that install data-stealing malware on networks. It can be hard to distinguish a genuine email from a phishing attempt, especially for employees whose jobs involve opening many emails (customer service, for example). The 2016 DBIR looked at millions of results from organization-sponsored phishing tests and found that about 12% of test messages led an employee to click on an infected link or attachment. Of those, just 3% reported the problem to a manager.

    The DBIR recommends strong email filters as the first line of defense, because employees can’t click on malware links they never see. The report also recommends training your workers to be on the lookout for phishing attempts and to let you know when they click on suspected phishing links.

    Befriending strangers on social media

    There’s another type of phishing your employees should be aware of, especially if they mention your business name on their personal or professional social media accounts. Thieves can create fake profiles, make friend requests, and then monitor posts for information they can use to guess passwords to employees’ personal and business accounts. They can also share links and files that contain malware. If your staffers click on these while using your business network, you’re going to be infected.

    SocialNomics recommends that social media users only accept friend requests from people they know. The Better Business Bureau advises against following links or downloading files from strangers on social media.

    Leaving paper records accessible

    After all this talk about hardware, email and social media, and network security, it may seem odd to wrap things up with paper. However, until the day comes when no employee keeps a work password scrawled on a sticky note and every employee diligently shreds documents before disposal, paper will be a low-tech way for thieves to access your network and sensitive data.

    The DBIR recommends that you “rein in the paper” as much as you can. Ban workers from posting passwords where they are visible to customers or passersby/ third-party workers like cleaners and caterers. Make shredding discarded documents a companywide habit.

    For more information about small-business success, check out the Startup & Small Business section of the HostGator blog.

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  • Using Social Media To Get a Job? LinkedIn Isn’t Your Only Option

    Wednesday, July 20, 2016 by

    Using Social Media To Get A Job

    We’ve all spent countless hours “Like”-ing our friends new puppy and retweeting our fave celebrity tweets, but have you considered using these social media platforms to find a job?

    The social stats: Companies rely on social media to screen potential candidates. According to, 93% of companies use LinkedIn, 66% use Facebook and 54% use Twitter for recruiting. It’s way easier for a company to use social media and, on average, requires 20% less time for an employer to find a new hire.

    And get this: roughly 30% of the time if a job candidate doesn’t have a social media presence, they won’t get hired. Sure, it depends on the type of job, but better to appear socially savvy than not.

    [bctt tweet="30% of job candidates who don't have a social media presence won't get the job." username="hostgator"]

    When we think about social media and job-hunting, there are some dos and don’ts:

    Do: Retweet/share an inspirational TED Talk.

    Don't: Retweet/share an endless stream of Kardashian family photos.

    Listen, we won’t judge you if you dig the Kardashians, but think about which of those two options makes you a more appealing job candidate.     

    We recommend beginning with one social media outlet to start your job hunt and then progressing to other platforms. Be consistent, and remember that you are your brand.

    Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Job Search?


    LinkedIn is the most widely used platform for job hunters and employers. Use LinkedIn to post resume info, interests and achievements. You can search LinkedIn to find people who work in your field or for a specific company. And did you know there’s an app for that? LinkedIn offers a free app you can use to search for jobs by keywords, location and industries while on-the-go. You can also follow your favorite companies and receive hiring notifications. The app syncs with your LinkedIn profile and can make job recommendations based on your profile. LinkedIn also offers a paid Premium account where you can compare yourself to other applicants and even get estimated salary info.

    Oh, and to look even fancier on LinkedIn, add your skills and get endorsed for them by your colleagues. Need more endorsements? Try endorsing others. People usually react in kind.

    LinkedIn Endorsements


    If you already use Twitter for fun, consider creating a separate Twitter account for professional use only. Use hashtags to follow industries and companies in your field. Let people know you’re job hunting by using hashtags such as #Jobs, #Hiring, #Careers. You can follow industry trends by using specific hashtags: #Marketing or #Accounting. Follow industry leaders and if you find a person who tweets good advice, tell them. Think of this as a networking opportunity. Don’t just be a follower but create your own following by tweeting industry-related facts that you’ve learned.


    Increasingly, employers are using Facebook to screen job candidates. If you don’t want that top five accounting firm to see what a crazy (I mean, crazy) good time you had in Cancun, make sure your settings are private and delete any questionable pictures or posts.

    If you want to stay public enhance your job profile by adding work experiences under the “About” section of your profile.

    Search for friends who know people at companies you like. Join groups from your college and high school and let them know you are job hunting. So you don’t bore your non-professional friends, create a professional group from your current Facebook friends and share industry-related news with them.


    Instagram is a must for creative professionals. And Instagram portfolios are a thing. You can even link your Instagram account to your LinkedIn profile so employers can see your body of work.


    Awesome for consultants or freelancers, Pinterest is a great place to show off your copywriting and graphic design skills. Set up your profile with pics of your own designs, infographics, and industry-related products that interest you.

    If you’re really proud of the work you’re presenting via social channels, link to them from your resume. Social media gives job applicants the opportunity to show themselves as a thoughtful, well-rounded person; so much more than just a piece of paper.


    Okay, maybe it’s a long shot, but Snapchat is becoming a more legit way for companies to make money and for people to get found. Just ask Michael Platco who turned his goofy Snapchat pics, drawings, and storytelling into a massively successful freelancing career with clients like Walt Disney World.

    In today's world, anything is possible, so get out there, get social and get the job of your dreams!

    Ever land a job through social? Hit the comments and tell us about it!

    Besides social media, a sure way to stand out among other job candidates is with your own website. Leverage your online presence by showcasing your work. Build your personal brand today with a web hosting plan from HostGator - starting as low as $3.95/mo.

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    * * *

    Written by Jennifer Carlisle

  • Starting an Online Business? Here’s What’s Popular In Your State, According To Google

    Tuesday, July 19, 2016 by
    So, you've decided you want to go into business for yourself. Good for you! Started is half-done, as they say. But perhaps you're struggling with what to sell. Whether you're planning to run a brick-and-mortar store, operate an e-commerce site, or monetize your blog, HostGator's latest investigation may help you decide on a path to business success. We recently reviewed the top Google autocompletes for "best [state] ..." to find out what consumers are looking for when they think of your state. This list is a viable starting place for selling something in which people are interested.  

    The Most Common #1 Autocomplete for Each State

    Wondering what your state is most known for? Check out the map below, which reveals the #1 most searched for "best" item in each state. Best State Google Autocompletes Map by HostGator As you can see, "beaches" claimed the most #1 spots with a total of 16 states. In fact, beach-related terms represented 9.5% of all the searches. Looking at the individual state images below, you can see the beach theme shows up a lot. Analyzing the data, we discovered trends among other related word groups. Below is a list of the most popular word groups:
    • Hotels/lodging-related = 11.6%
    • Liquor-related (beers, wineries, etc) = 10%
    • Food-related (crab cakes, restaurants, etc) = 8.4%
    • Spectator sports (best basketball players, running backs, etc.) = 8.0%
    • Educational = 6.5%
    • Hunting/fishing = 2.7%
    Can you guess what the most searched for item was? Golf courses! The term showed up in the 28 of the state searches, with a tie for runner-up between "resorts" and "colleges," which each showed up in 25 of the state searches. Apparently, Americans love their golf. (As does Snappy, as you may remember from a recent post)  

    What's "Best" In Your State?

    Are you from one of these states? Let us know in the comments if you were surprised by any of the autocompletes. We'd also love to hear your suggestions for the "best" your state has to offer. Note: This data was collected in late June 2016 and is subject to change due to search trends. If you perform the same search and find something different, please let us know in the comments! Scroll below to discover the top ten Google autocompletes for your state.  

    Best Alabama...

    Best Alabama Google Autocomplete Similar to Indiana, the state of Alabama's thunder is partially stolen by the popular band Alabama Shakes. Notwithstanding the band-related searches, people are interested in Alabama recreation, BBQ, and football. Write a blog about the best Alabama beach towns and destinations or the best Alabama football players, optimize your site for SEO, and you could likely make a pretty penny off of ad traffic. Queries unique to Alabama:
    • players in NFL
    • rig
    • shakes album
    • shakes songs

    Best Alaska...

    Best Alaska Google Autocomplete The autocomplete results make it abundantly clear: Everybody wants to go on an Alaskan cruise. Starting your own cruise line is quite audacious, but you can jump on the cruise bandwagon in a multitude of other, much more feasible ways: become a travel agent, blog about the different cruise lines, or sell vacation gear. Autocompletes unique to Alaska:
    • cruise 2016
    • cruise deals
    • cruise ship
    • cruises from seattle
    • excursions
    • itinerary
    • land tours

    Best Arizona...

    Best Arizona Google Autocomplete As expected, Arizona golf courses are much sought after. But the less expected result is the interest in breweries. Beer enthusiasts, take heart! Critique the local brews or develop your own craft beer. It should be easy enough to get friends to help you taste-test. The oddball one here is "best Arizona flavors." If anyone has any idea what that's about, we'd love to know. Autocompletes unique to Arizona:
    • flavors

    Best Arkansas...

    Best Arkansas Google Autocomplete Outdoorsmen and earth-lovers seek adventure in Arkansas. Help them find it with a tourist guide. Alternatively, tap into the motorcycle culture with a blog devoted to reviewing different models or their favorite haunts along the highways. When in doubt, you could always get into the stone sharpening business. Autocompletes unique to Arkansas:
    • cabins
    • hiking trails
    • motorcycle roads
    • stones

    Best California...

    Best California Google Autocomplete No surprises here: inquiring minds want to know about the best beaches, wines, and olive oil in California. Launch an online business selling wines or olive oil. If you do this, be sure to name your business "Best California Wines" for optimum SEO impact. You could also start a college advising business and break down the pros and cons of the different universities. Autocompletes unique to California:
    • king mattress
    • olive oil

    Best Colorado...

    Best Colorado Google Autocomplete Everyone knows Colorado is a go-to vacation spot for snowbirds in the winter, but people need help figuring out where to go in the summer. Create a travel blog documenting your summertime visits throughout the state. Photographers can capitalize on these interests by adding galleries to their sites of the best mountain vistas, skier action photos, or town skylines. Autocompletes unique to Colorado:
    • summer destinations
    • summer vacations
    • towns in summer
    • towns to visit in summer

    Best Connecticut...

    Best Connecticut Google Autocomplete Who needs Cuba when you have Connecticut? Sell Connecticut cigars online or open up a humidor in your town. People love to dine in Connecticut, so review the restaurants and breweries on your local blog (or open up your own). Autocompletes unique to Connecticut:
    • cigars
    • towns to visit
    • wrapper cigars

    Best Delaware...

    Best Delaware Google Autocomplete In Delaware, it's all about the beaches, the schools, and... starting your own business! Offer freelance web development or design services to local schools to help give them a boost in the search engines. If you start a business, be sure to get a Delaware registered agent - every LLC and corporation operating in Denver needs one. Better yet, you could become one yourself. Autocompletes unique to Delaware:
    • beach for families

    Best Florida...

    Best Florida Google Autocomplete Unsurprisingly, Florida's autocomplete searches are dominated by visions of beaches. Find a popular beach near you, and zero in on a business opportunity that's clearly missing. If you don't want to run a beach-based business, or you live inland, start almost anything else. The competition should be much less steep. Autocompletes unique to Florida:
    • beaches near orlando
    • gulf beaches
    • key
    • keys beaches
    • keys resorts

    Best Georgia...

    Best Georgia Google Autocomplete People in Georgia are balanced. They care about having fun and drinking beer during their leisure time, just as much as they care about their education. Maybe the key to making money online in Georgia is by having ads on your site that appeal to whichever thing you're not selling - beer on a golf course site, beach resorts on a beer distributor site, beer on a school site... wait a minute. Never mind that last one.  

    Best Hawaii...

    Best Hawaii Google Autocomplete There's a reason those "Just Maui'd" shirts are popular. Hawaii is the only state to be a top honeymoon spot, according to Google's autocompletes. Enterprising business owners can create deals catered towards newlyweds, and new entrepreneurs could find ways to attract tourists towards their business by associating it with the beach, vacations, and resorts. Autocompletes unique to Hawaii:
    • deals
    • honeymoon
    • island
    • vacation
    • vacation packages
    • vacation spots

    Best Idaho...

    Best Idaho Google Autocomplete Whether it's fishing, camping, hunting, golfing, skiing, or hiking, there is a wide variety of outdoorsy activities for nature lovers to enjoy in Idaho, which means there are a lot of different niche business opportunities for you to explore! In fact, Idaho is the only state that has ten completely different auto-completes listed. Bravo! Autocompletes unique to Idaho:
    • fly fishing rivers

    Best Illinois...

    Best Illinois Google Autocomplete Illinois threw us for a loop. The state can't seem to decide whether it wants to focus on getting a good education, or simply getting wasted by any means possible (even if it takes a fake ID!). Tutors can grow their business by blogging about or advising on the top schools in the state. Realtors should be sure to know about the suburbs in their area. Sports fans could make a good living with a football website. Take all the fun of having a brewery, without the work, and devote yourself to reviewing state-crafted beers. Autocompletes unique to Illinois:
    • fake id

    Best Indiana...

    Best Indiana Google Autocomplete Indiana has a similar experience to Alabama, with some of its autocompletes getting outshined by the Indiana Jones franchise. Besides that, Indiana is all about basketball. Set up a basketball blog, forum, or fantasy team business, and you'll be well on your way to success. Autocompletes unique to Indiana:
    • hoosiers basketball players
    • jones game
    • jones movie
    • jones quotes
    • pacers players

    Best Iowa...

    Best Iowa Google Autocomplete Iowa loves its sports. Create a fan site devoted to the comings and goings of famous players, and you might just become the Perez Hilton of the Iowa sports world! If they're not watching sports, Iowans are hunting (and they're hunting whitetail in particular), so you could create a business catered to that crowd. Autocompletes unique to Iowa:
    • whitetail outfitters
    • wrestlers

    Best Kansas...

    Best Kansas Google Autocomplete What's better than eating meat and watching basketball? Combine those together and you'll have a successful business plan for the state of Kansas. Autocompletes unique to Kansas:
    • album
    • city bbq
    • city neighborhoods

    Best Kentucky...

    Best Kentucky Google Autocomplete It's all about the Kentucky Derby! Craft a fashion or interior design line inspired by the Kentucky Derby. Open up a event planning business and develop a Kentucky Derby-themed party. If you're not interested in the Kentucky Derby, basketball and whiskey are safe bets, too. Autocompletes unique to Kentucky:
    • bluegrass seed
    • derby dresses
    • derby hats
    • derby outfits
    • derby parties
    • derby times

    Best Louisiana...

    Best Louisiana Google Autocomplete Chefs, Louisiana may be just the place for you. Open your own restaurant, devise your own special hot sauce recipe, or start your own foodie blog devoted to crawfish, gumbo, and Creole food. Autocompletes unique to Louisiana:
    • casinos
    • crawfish boil recipe
    • food
    • gumbo recipe
    • hot sauce
    • plantations
    • swamp tours

    Best Maine...

    Best Maine Google Autocomplete Maine is another vacation destination. Plan your business around attracting tourists and helping them enjoy the best seaside experience. Autocompletes unique to Maine:
    • lobster

    Best Maryland...

    Best Maryland Google Autocomplete In Maryland, crabs are where it's at. Review the best crab restaurants and recipes the state has to offer, or create your own to share on your blog. Autocompletes unique to Maryland:
    • crab cake recipe
    • crab cakes
    • crab dip recipe
    • crabs

    Best Massachusetts...

    Best Massachusetts Google Autocomplete Cape Cod, anyone? When they're not focused on getting into the best schools, people want to know how the fastest way to the beach! Autocompletes unique to Massachusetts:
    • high schools

    Best Michigan...

    Best Michigan Google Autocomplete When they're not busy giving directions using the palms of their hands, Michiganders are drinking beer, watching sports, and enjoying their leisure time. A sports blog or beer review site should do well here.  

    Best Minnesota...

    Best Minnesota Google Autocomplete It's not called the Land of 10,000 Lakes for no reason. Help people find all 10,000 with map guides, tours, online reviews, or blogs about the lakes.  Better yet, open up a resort or brewery nearby. Autocompletes unique to Minnesota:
    • lake resorts

    Best Mississippi...

    Best Mississippi Google Autocomplete While Minnesota's all about its lakes, Mississippi is all about the river. If you don't want to open up a recreation or travel business, why not a dance studio to help people with their half-step or a cooking school to make the best Mississippi mud pie? You can film instructional videos to play on your website. Autocompletes unique to Mississippi:
    • half step
    • mud cake
    • mud cake recipe
    • mud pie recipe
    • river cruises
    • river towns
    • roast recipe

    Best Missouri...

    Best Missouri Google Autocomplete Missouri is a great place to spend time outdoors, exploring caves, camping, and hiking. The standout on this list is "small towns" - create an online road trip guide where you provide driving directions to hit all the quaint spots. Autocompletes unique to Missouri:
    • caves
    • float trips
    • small towns

    Best Montana...

    Best Montana Google Autocomplete With dude ranches and elk units in the top ten, it's clear Montana has retained some of its Wild West roots. Here you can live the cowboy dream with your very own ranch, or start an online outfitters' store to sell hunting, hiking, and skiing gear. Autocompletes unique to Montana:
    • dude ranches
    • of 300 lyrics
    • of 300 songs

    Best Nebraska...

    Best Nebraska Google Autocomplete Who says Napa Valley owns the market on wine? Sure, there are a lot of beer-drinking football aficionados in the state, but there's plenty of vinos too. Use YouTube to offer virtual wine-tasting classes, or to realize their dreams of being a sports commentator - all you have to do is create a channel. Autocompletes unique to Nebraska:
    • football team
    • wide receivers

    Best Nevada...

    Best Nevada Google Autocomplete Nevadans know there's much more to their state than Las Vegas. Happily, so do Google searchers. Create a virtual ghost town experience, or partner with local breweries to develop a ghost-themed draft. Got online marketing experience? Offer SEO services to the smaller cities to help them compete online with the Vegas tourist trap. Autocompletes unique to Nevada:
    • barr book
    • ghost towns

    Best New Hampshire...

    Best New Hampshire Google Autocomplete "Live Free or Die" is the state motto of New Hampshire, and it shows in their recreation. People come to this state to explore the wild and free outdoors, whether it's hiking, camping, skiing, or swimming. If you're outdoorsy, start your own business guiding people through your wilderness. More comfortable indoors? Develop online marketing campaigns for the businesses near you to help them show up in the Google search results.  

    Best New Jersey...

    Best New Jersey Google Autocomplete People are looking for the best cities, towns, and suburbs in New Jersey. There's a good chance these searches are from people looking to move there, so get your realtor license and make sure you have an online presence.  

    Best New Mexico...

    Best New Mexico Google Autocomplete There is a wide variety of tourist interests in New Mexico, and there's a business opportunity for any kind of entrepreneur. Like the cold? Do something for skiers. Prefer the heat? Focus on golfers. Like to stay active? Cater to camping and hunting enthusiasts? Prefer to lay low? Kick back and relax with the wine drinkers.  

    Best New York...

    Best New York Google Autocomplete And we thought Louisiana was the place to go for foodies! Calling all chefs, food bloggers, and restaurateurs - step right up and claim your food of choice. Autocompletes unique to New York:
    • bagels
    • cheesecake
    • cheesecake recipe
    • movies
    • pizza
    • style pizza

    Best North Carolina...

    Best North Carolina Google Autocomplete People love their North Carolina beach resorts, don't they? Open up a beach-related tourism business, and create suggested itineraries, hotels, and transportation options for the different beach towns. You could add a travel blog where you review all of your itineraries and the different accommodations and restaurants you visited.  

    Best North Dakota...

    Best North Dakota Google Autocomplete Sadly, what's notable about North Dakota is that it was the only state that inspired less than a full list of ten autocompletes. With a search query as vague as "attractions," people are clearing looking for things to do, which means any kind of recreational or leisure activity should be met with a warm welcome. Create a kooky roadside landmark or a business focused on fun! Autocompletes unique to North Dakota:
    • hockey players
    • mule deer unit

    Best Ohio...

    Best Ohio Google Autocomplete Ohio is big on sports, beer, and higher education. Start an online forum for high school students to interact with Ohio college students and alumni to get their questions answered. Launch a blog or podcast reviewing Ohio State's sports teams. Autocompletes unique to Ohio:
    • state football players
    • state running backs
    • universities

    Best Oklahoma...

    Best Oklahoma Google Autocomplete Similar to Ohio, there's a lot of interest in Oklahoma about the state university's sports teams. Develop a fan site dedicated to bios and stats of the individual players, or share your commentary about each game with a live blog. If you're not so into sports, you can always do your part to let people know that Minnesota's not the only state with great lakes. Autocompletes unique to Oklahoma:
    • casino

    Best Oregon...

    Best Oregon Google Autocomplete Vintners and winos, Oregon is your state! Review all of the state wines, or make your own to ship online from your very own e-commerce store. Advise people on the best local wines along the coast, or the best wine to drink while playing Oregon Trail. Autocompletes unique to Oregon:
    • coast hotels
    • coast towns
    • pinot noir
    • trail game

    Best Pennsylvania...

    Best Pennsylvania Google Autocomplete Who knew Pennsylvania was the place to be for flea markets? After "best Arizona flavors," this may be the oddest autocomplete yet. Get in on this trend by blogging about the best flea markets, what shoppers can expect with each one, and providing tips and tricks for scoring the best deals. Autocompletes unique to Pennsylvania:
    • flea markets

    Best Rhode Island...

    Best Rhode Island Google Autocomplete Many outsiders feel Rhode Island is quaint because it's so small, but this small state packs a big punch! Whether it's breweries, restaurants, golf courses, or beaches, there's a lot to do in Rhode Island, and it all goes well with clam chowder. Set up a reviews site dedicated to one of these search queries in particular, or share your own experiences by blogging about any of these. Autocompletes unique to Rhode Island:
    • clam chowder

    Best South Carolina...

    Best South Carolina Google Autocomplete South Carolina is a wonderful vacation destination, known in particular for its islands (it's the only state to have this search query). You could capitalize on all of these search queries by blogging about the best islands, and then the best beaches, BBQ, and golf available on those islands. Autocompletes unique to South Carolina:
    • islands
    • vacation spots

    Best South Dakota...

    Best South Dakota Google Autocomplete What's unique about South Dakota? Pheasant hunting. Use your website to sell gear, blog about the best pheasant hunting spots, or answer FAQs from out-of-towners. Provide tutorials on hunting and camping to post on YouTube and embed on your site. Create a recipe forum devoted to pheasants, and invite other users to post their creations. Autocompletes unique to South Dakota:
    • pheasant hunting
    • pheasant hunting lodge

    Best Tennessee...

    Best Tennessee Google Autocomplete What goes better with a camping trip than whiskey? Bourbon or BBQ, maybe. Tennessee has a rich culture for distilled beverages. Partner with local distilleries to help them distribute and sell their whiskeys online, or set up a reviews site that rates the best liquors Tennessee has to offer. Tennessee also has a lot to offer in terms of the great outdoors, so attract online visitors and ad traffic with a travel blog.  

    Best Texas...

    Best Texas Google Autocomplete Texans love to drink, and they're not particular about what they're drinking. This means you can zero in on your favorite type of drink, or you can use them all in your online business! Create an online blog about the best Texas wines, beers, and whiskey, and invite people to submit their own reviews or upload their favorite cocktail recipes. Send an email newsletter that announces the newcomers on the market each month. You could also sell ad space to the individual wineries and breweries. The unique one here is "country songs" - how many country songs can you name that are about Texas or by Texan singers? Tell us in the comments! As a Texas-based company, we at HostGator were shocked and dismayed that "best texas web hosts" was not a search result, but one can dream... Autocompletes unique to Texas:
    • country songs
    • travel

    Best Utah...

    Best Utah Google Autocomplete If you love exploring the great outdoors, Utah is the place to go. Guide tourists to the coolest parks, hikes, and resorts with a travel blog, forum, or reviews site. Set up a Utah Jazz fan site with profiles of all the players, the latest gossip, and a guide to the best seats. Autocompletes unique to Utah:
    • jazz players of all time
    • national parks

    Best Vermont...

    Best Vermont Google Autocomplete Mmm... Vermont maple syrup. We all saw that coming. Besides maple syrup, people come to Vermont for its coziness - it's the only state with searches for "bed and breakfast" and "inns" in the top ten autocompletes. Help them find the coziest place possible with an online reviews site or travel blog. Equip people with instructions on how to make their own maple syrup, or dishes that taste even better with maple syrup. Autocompletes unique to Vermont:
    • bed and breakfast
    • inns
    • maple syrup

    Best Virginia...

    Best Virginia Google Autocomplete Virginia Beach dominates the autocomplete results for Virginia. Review the best beach destinations and develop a travel guide to help beachgoers find restaurants, resorts, and seaside attractions. Alternately, you could take on the country ham craze and sell Virginia ham online, share recipes on a foodie blog, or review the sellers. Autocompletes unique to Virginia:
    • ham
    • woolf novel

    Best Washington...

    Best Washington Google Autocomplete So when we searched for Washington, the only thing that was able to hold its own among results for the nation's capital was "wines." No judgments. To give the state its due, we performed another search. Best Washington State Google Autocomplete While wine ranks #1, there is a nice variety of interests for Washington state. Open an advising business to help future undergrads find the right college for them, or create a travel blog to review the best beaches, resorts, parks, and other attractions in the state.  

    Best West Virginia...

    Best West Virginia Google Autocomplete West Virginia's top results are all completely different.  Start your own travel blog or basketball fan site. Help the ski resorts and golf courses stand out online by providing marketing or web development services.  

    Best Wisconsin...

    Best Wisconsin Google Autocomplete Like Vermont's maple syrup, it shouldn't come as a surprise that "cheese" appears in Wisconsin's search results. Blog about the best cheeses and incorporate online reviews to build your site content. Discuss the top dairies and farmers, and provide recipes and serving suggestions. Autocompletes unique to Wisconsin:
    • cheese
    • cheese curds
    • dells resorts
    • dells water parks

    Best Wyoming...

    Best Wyoming Google Autocomplete Hunters flock to Wisconsin for the antelope, the elk, and the fly fishing. Help them get more out of their trip by offering guides on nearby hotels and campgrounds, explaining state regulations, and revealing the best spots and times of year. Autocompletes unique to Wyoming:
    • antelope unit
    • fly fishing

    And In Conclusion...

    No matter where you live in these United States, opportunities abound for those possessing the entrepreneurial spirit. Do some quick research, locate your niche, and launch your new online business today!

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  • Celebrate System Administrator Day!

    Monday, July 18, 2016 by

    System Administrator Day

    Do you know the value of your system administrators? If they do their job, you might not even realize they’re working. But if your hardware and software goes downhill, you will wish you had professionals at work that took care of the extensive amount of skill required to keep the systems running smoothly.

    Fortunately, we are quickly approaching on a day that allows you to recognize the value these professionals provide to your business. Friday, July 29 is System Administrator Appreciation Day this year, giving businesses and their leadership the perfect opportunity to reach out and thank the individuals that keep the company going. Ahead of the celebration, now is a perfect time to learn a bit more about what system administrators do for your business, and the steps you can take to make sure they're appreciated.

    The Value of System Administrators

    When your marketing and sales teams work to get new customers, or your product team researches and builds improved versions of your product, you notice a change and can appreciate the results. But when system administrators run through their daily checks to make sure the backend supports everyone else's initiatives, you likely don’t even realize that you’re directly enjoying the fruit of this specialized labor. Every department expects their computer system to function properly, but hardly anyone recognizes the significant work that goes into making sure that actually happens.

    The problem with appreciating this value is that system administrators are similar to offensive linemen in football: they only get noticed when something goes wrong. If your Customer Relationship Management platform, your website, or your reporting tool goes down, the Sysadmin needs to fix it as soon as possible.

    The expectation that everything runs smoothly turns into an assumption that if something does go wrong, system administrators must have made a mistake that's costing the company. But in reality, everything they do on a daily basis actively helps to keep your company running smoothly.

    The Daily Life of a Sysadmin

    The daily tasks of a system administrator can be broken down into four categories: routine checks, end user support, troubleshooting, and backups. Let's discuss each of these in more detail.

    Every morning, your Sysadmin will run through daily checks to make sure that the server is running smoothly, software performance is as expected, and whether error logs have any new entries. This activity may include anything from checking monitoring tools to making sure the server room is appropriately cooled.

    In addition to these routine checks, Sysadmins also perform end user support to be as aware as possible about any potential problems. Most companies have a ticketing system set up that allows your various departments to submit questions or problems you might have with the company's computer systems.

    Based on their daily checks and end user support, Sysadmins spend most of their day troubleshooting any potential problems. Once they determine a common thread among complains and error logs, they work quickly to analyze and fix the problem to ensure smooth system performance.

    Finally, your system administrators are also responsible for making sure that at the end of the day, your systems and data are backed up appropriately. In the unlikely event that something goes completely wrong, you need to have a fallback to make sure you don't have to start from scratch. If your backup processes are automated, Sysadmins do regular QA checks to make sure the backups occur as planned.

    Variations in Your Company

    System administrators can come in a variety of forms and with very specific responsibilities based on your individual company and industry. Here are just a few professionals that fall into the category:

    Database Administrators, who make sure that the data remains secure and accurate while maintaining system efficiency and performance.

    Network Administrators, who are responsible for ensuring that all of your employees’ computers are connected with each others and to the Internet.

    Security Administrators, in charge of firewalls and other protective mechanisms to keep your company data safe from breaches.

    Web Administrators, responsible for the framework on which your website is built, and the server on which it lives.

    Of course, these are only the most common types of system administrators. Anytime your business uses a computer system to perform its operations, chances are you have an individual in charge of maintaining and troubleshooting that system - your Sysadmin.

    Appreciating Your System Administrators

    Considering the above, the value of your system administrators to daily and long-term operations becomes increasingly clear. So just how do you go about appreciating their work in the background?

    Ideally, you should be outspoken about the value your Sysadmins provide to your company for 365 days out of the year. But let's face it; by August, you will be too consumed with your own department's tasks and responsibilities to do so. So for July 29, consider throwing a reception for your system administrators that allows others in the company to learn about their value and show their appreciation.

    This page has some great gift and food suggestions for your IT professionals, which can help you communicate just how valuable you find your system administrators. But ultimately, the day comes down to a single goal: respect.

    More than anything, your system administrators want and need to know that their opinion is valued. They know more than anyone about your database, network, security set up, and website, and they'd love to share that information with others. So, next time you make a major decision concerning any of the above areas, why not involve them in the process? Not only will they feel appreciated, but they will also be able to give you valuable insights into the process of implementing or updating a new system.

    System Administrator Appreciation Day is a great start to give your Sysadmins the respect and attention they deserve. But why stop there? Integrate them into your IT decision-making process, and your company will benefit as a result.

    Business leaders, we'd love to hear what you're doing to celebrate System Administrator Day this year. Tweet us at @HostGator with the hashtag #SysAdminDay.

    Are you a SysAdmin? Happy System Administrator Day to you! Help our business readers by sharing in the comments how you'd like to be celebrated and appreciated for the critical work that you do every day.

  • 9 Ways to Celebrate Your Blogiversary

    Thursday, July 14, 2016 by


    Whether your blog is about to hit its one-year anniversary or its tenth, your “blogiversary” is a moment to celebrate. It’s an ideal time to revisit the posts your readers liked best during the past year, recognize the people who’ve helped your blog succeed, and maybe try something new. Make the most of your blogiversary with these tips and ideas.

    Your blog’s year in review

    The anniversary of your blog is a good point for taking stock of what’s worked well over the past year. Some of this review can be private, to help you provide better content in the year ahead. On the other hand, you’ll certainly want to promote other aspects directly on your blog.

    1. Share a mini-history of your blog, company, or products.

    If you started your business or hobby long before you had a blog for it, write a post or a series of posts on your blog’s “prehistory” and include any photos, videos, or other media you have to share. You can also link this information to your “About” page.

    2. Round up the best of your blog.

    Compile the previous year’s most popular posts into an ebook to give away as a list-member gift or opt-in item for new subscribers. You can also create a gallery of the most popular images you posted or a list of the best comment threads from the past year.

    Put your readers and partners in the spotlight

    The most successful (and effective) blogs are the ones that create a real community of readers, guest writers, and other partners. These people help your blog stay active and relevant, so take some time to thank them for their time and attention.

    3. Share customer/reader success stories.

    You can do a round-up post featuring several people or a series of individual posts over the course of a week. Spotlight their projects and be sure to include some good quotes, a clear photo, and a short video if you can get one.

    4. Show peer-to-peer gratitude.

    You can also shine your blog’s spotlight on professional partners and fellow bloggers who’ve helped you along the way. You can feature their products or posts that you’ve found especially helpful during the past year.

    Treat your readers to prizes, freebies, and more

    Go beyond thanking your audience by giving them some free swag. It's a surefire way to get them in the celebratory spirit!

    5. Run a contest for your customers and readers.

    You can offer your products or service as prizes, and your readers and business partners may be willing to contribute prizes, too.

    6. Host a blogiversary party.

    This can be an in-person event for readers and clients in your area, or an online chat for readers and customers everywhere. Have a list of topics or let it be a freewheeling cocktail-party style event.

    7. Debut a new product, service, or feature.

    Your blog’s anniversary is an ideal time to do something new. If your blog is part of your business, the blogiversary is a great time to offer a new product, expand your service options, or run a special deal on your existing options. For business and hobby blogs, the anniversary mark is a good time to try new media like a weekly podcast, monthly how-to video, or regular resource lists on topics your readers want to know how more about.

    Give your blog an anniversary makeover

    Along the same lines as introducing a vlog or podcast, you can use your blogiversary to conduct an “annual review” of your blog to see what’s working well and what you can update for better results.

    8. Spruce up your blog.

    If your blog design is outdated or cluttered, you can hire a designer to revamp your blog’s appearance, user experience, and online checkout process. If your blog isn’t already optimized for mobile users, your anniversary is a good time to make that upgrade. Look over the images you’ve used in the last year. Are they fresh and original or are they stock art? Now’s the time to start using more engaging, creative images.

    9. Make social sharing easier.

    Help your readers share your content with new people. Social share button tools, Click to Tweet, and email plugins make it easy for readers to promote your content (scroll down to the Social Media Integration section of this post).

    10. Give your readers what they want.

    As part of your online chat or other blogiversary festivities, ask your readers what they’d like more of in the year ahead. The best blogs are responsive to reader requests for help and insight, and this is your chance to find out exactly how you can help them. Make sure you follow through on their suggestions, and track the results for your next blogiversary.

    To everyone who started their blog with HostGator, we wish you an Happy Blogiversary!

    Have you celebrated a blogiversary recently? What did you do to mark the big day?

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