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  • Office Art, part V

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013 by
    Well, for better or worse, the fine art of modifying someone's desk in their absence has escalated.  At this point, I'm not sure if this activity should be filed under our Office Shenanigans or if it's become it's own art form, therefore qualifying it as Office Art.  Let's go ahead and call it art. Every picture from this post comes from our Houston offices.  Although Houston clearly lacks the Post-It note budget that Austin has, we do seem to have compensated for that fact by attaching random objects to computer screens, including snack food items.  Here we see a nice array of potato chips and crackers, also a granola bar.  Is that a high-heel shoe tape dispenser?  I'm not sure if that belongs to the owner of the desk or was also placed there as part of the joke:   Upon seeing this next picture, I was slightly confused. There appears to be many secret messages conveyed herein. For example, the message left on the screen itself appears to be "Uhhhh... Nanha!" Was this a secret code of some sort? Maybe an inside joke?  Speaking of secret codes, let's take a closer look at the upper left-hand of the image.  I see what appears to be a drawing of an airplane, a plus sign and a pineapple.  Below that there is an equals sign, and below that the last part of what must be an equation of some sort... scissors and a can of peas?  So, airplane plus pineapple equals scissors plus peas.  This is clearly some sort of coded message, likely requiring a decoder ring in order to be deciphered... we may never know:   As for this next image. I don't even know where to start.  I think I'll just point out the fact that a statue of a gator seems to have been attached to the wall via an audio cable.  Clearly the aforementioned gator is also wearing a birthday hat.  When you boils it all down, this picture really just doesn't make any sense at all:   Our final three images contain a theme: when Post-Its meet computer screens.  This first one doesn't seem to have any easily-discernible message; basically looks like a lot of random hieroglyphics.  Someone did clearly take the time to properly space each Post-It note evenly, so points for neatness here:   Here we have another thoroughly covered screen, this time with an actual read-able message: "Have a Great Day!"  It's always nice to be left encouraging notes.  Is that a drawing of perhaps a gentleman in a hula skirt?:   Our final image here combines virtually all of the qualities of the prior images.  It's arguably a perfect storm of desk defacement: Post-Its, snack foods, office supplies, and various condiments all attached to computer screens:   Clearly some of the equipment in the above images is being used in a manner that was perhaps not intended by it's manufacturers.  As such, HostGator cannot be held liable for any adverse circumstances resulting from your attempts to attach snack foods to your computer screens.  Please play practical jokes at your own risk.
  • Office Art, part IV

    Wednesday, January 2, 2013 by
    First and foremost: Happy New Year to everyone.  Let's make 2013 an amazing year!  Having said that, let's start this year off with a continuation of our Office Art series.  This time we're pretty much focusing on the various wildlife around the office. When you first enter the older of the two HostGator buildings in Houston, generally speaking your first stop will be the 4th floor reception area.  In order to get to the 4th floor, an elevator ride is necessitated... our infamous elevators are a story unto themselves.  In fact I wouldn't rule out yet another blog post dedicated entirely to our elevators at some point, but I digress.  Once you exit the elevators into the lobby, just outside of the reception area you will be greeted by this full-sized alligator:   If you recall the HostGator Lego sign from our previous Office Art posts, this gator resides directly beneath that sign:   He seems to have been in a fight or two in his day, as he's missing a couple of toes and a tooth or three, but this all just adds to his character.  It's not unusual to find a myriad of objects in his mouth, spare change and such.  On the day this picture was taken, he seemed to be gnawing on a logo of the Florida Gators football team and a few stray kernels of popcorn:   Once you face this initial gator and brave your way through the glass doors, you enter our official reception area.  The particular Snappy shown here had it's story told in this recent post, but more often than not this giant-sized fella will be there to greet you upon your entrance to our inner sanctum.   Our final exhibit here isn't necessarily art, per se, but it does fit in with the overall theme of this post.  Our fish tank is also located in the reception area, and contains a vast collection of aquatic life. It's very similar to the popular fish tank screen savers, except it's actual fish:   Only one of the fish herein actually has a name, Cupcake. Cupcake can be identified by the small black spot on her (we're assuming Cupcake is female) nose.  All the other fish are aptly named "Cupcake's Friend(s)."  As it turns out, it's rather difficult to get these particular fishies to hold still for a picture:   Looking further into our fish tank here, you can find yet another gator, this one un-named, prowling at the bottom:   I think the gator there needs a name, though. Please help us name this little gator by leaving a comment with your suggestion.  We'll announce the winner via our FaceBook.
  • Office Art, part III

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012 by
    Sometimes, things around the office have a tendency to take on a life of their own.  Be it various decorations, or one particularly entertaining whiteboard that resides in the Migrations Department.  Not to let these artistic endeavors remain simply inside of the building, one of the cars in the parking lot recently got in on the action as well:   While we're on the subject of pieces of glass that have become works of art, here is a rather nice etched glass Snappy that was created by a HostGator employee:   This next picture is of the stuffed lil guy who now makes a return appearance to our Office Art series.  Though it's impossible to say whether or not the following is a direct result of him having appeared in the prior Office Art offering, his beanie has curiously been replaced by a Smurf and he seems to have earned a few more dollars as well.  I'm looking forward to his next evolution, but here is how he stands at this time:   No telling in what form or configuration that above fella may next manifest, but I wouldn't rule out a three-peat appearance in this Office Art series.  When next we speak on this topic, I will introduce you to our beloved Lobby Gator.
  • Office Art, part II

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012 by
    The HostGator offices seem to foster the expression of creativity throughout.  The works of art shared herein are all relatively new art installations within our respective thunderdomes.  I have faith that my colleagues will continue to provide plenty of fodder for many more Office Art blog posts. Our first piece here comes once again from the IT Department in the Houston office, whom you may remember also supplied us with the meme wall from Part I of our Office Art series.  As with their last offering, this work of art is also shrouded in mystery.  This piece can be best described as "fake deer head, wearing sunglasses and HostGator lanyard, accompanied by 'forever alone guy' meme."  Clearly, this is modern art.  We cannot stress enough that the deer head here is made out of plastic, because we Gators do not harm living creatures.   Throughout our office, you'll find conveniently located maps of the building that show you were you are and where the stairwells and fire exits are; standard fare for most office buildings:   These maps are fairly nondescript and likely don't get noticed much.  However, recently one of our Admins took notice not only to the map, but in the fact that our building shares it's fundamental shape with, well, the B-2 Bomber.  In order to illustrate this similarity, the following was thus posted directly beneath one of the office maps:   If nothing else, at least now we know which parts of our building are visible on radar and which parts aren't. Our next picture is of something that has been a staple at the Houston office for as long as anyone can remember, though we know not of its origins.  This lil fella has been relocated from time to time, though he tends to hang out near one of the Supervisor stations.  He has been adorned with the wig and beanie relatively recently, but the "Miss America" sash and WordPress button have been longtime accessories.  Additionally, whenever stray money is found around the office, it generally ends up tucked into the diaper(?) there, with a total accumulation of about $8 thus far:   We will conclude this edition of our Office Art series with a trip back to Austin, where there seems to be an affinity for the egregious use of Post-It notes, as we have seen in prior blog posts. Once again, someone's desk has been "customized" in their absense:   Stay tuned for future offerings in our gripping Office Art series.
  • Office Art

    Monday, July 16, 2012 by

    We recently shared with you some art that had been sent to us by our beloved Customers.  HostGator employees have also been known to create some works of art around the offices as well... sometimes when no one else is looking.  Before we begin our actual Gator-created art tour, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you  our Lego sign that is currently displayed in our Houston office.  The sign was created by well-known artist Nathan Sawaya.  I don't know if the picture does it justice, but it's a truly impressive piece of Lego craftsmanship:

      Back in 2009, this was created by one of our more artistically-inclined Chat Agents and placed near one of the Supervisor stations in the Houston office.  It remains there to this day, ever-present to remind us to always be doing the needful:   The story of our next piece is somewhat shrouded in mystery.  It began, innocently enough, with a recycling can in the Austin office.  A few individuals had apparently not noticed that it was labeled for recycling and thus deposited their refuse into that particular receptacle.  In order to facilitate a more organized recycling vs. trash situation, some good Samaritan taped the "This Is Not A Trash Can" sign above the can.  Shortly thereafter, an unknown assailant attached the "You're right.  It's a wall" sign.  I do want to take the time to point out the grammatically correct use of "you're" as opposed to "your" that was exercised there.  It's important to use proper grammar when trolling, as in life.  Speaking of trolling, the wall was ultimately graced with the internet-famous, and now iconic, Trollface.  As you can see in the picture below, this simple reminder to not litter in the recycle can has blossomed into a community work of art:   The next exhibit in our little showcase here comes from the IT Department in the Houston office.  No one seems to know the actual origins of this piece, though it is speculated that this work of art was installed directly from the Internet, somehow.  It contains a vast collection of characters from current and past memes.  Trollface makes yet another appearance, as does Pokerface and Rageface... there's even a couple that cannot be named in order to maintain the PG13 rating of our blog.  Though you can certainly test your Internet meme savvy-ness by how many you can name:   We travel back to our Austin office for these final two works of art, both of the post-it note variety.  The first is apparently the results of a Supervisor station being left unattended for too long; likely the Supervisor in question left for lunch and returned to, well, this:   As to be expected, we certainly saved the best piece for last.  If you happen to not know what Nyan Cat is, on one hand you might be able to consider yourself fortunate, but on the other hand this next work of art will then make about as much sense to you as a hybrid cat/pop-tart that travels throughout the universe on a rainbow.  If you're unfamiliar (and feeling brave), you may want to take a moment to experience this YouTube video (presently over 73 Million views) before we proceed, so that you can fully appreciate the artistic merit of the final piece of our tour.  Apparently, some of our Austin Gators got their hands on a pad or two of colored Post-It notes and, well, this happened:   Thank you very much for taking our quick tour.  Please exit through the gift shop.  Feel free to tell your friends about our exhibit, as we are open 24 hours a day!