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  • All You Can Eat Hosting

    Monday, October 20, 2008 by
    We have some very exciting, disturbing, shocking, and electrifying news for you! HostGator Web Hosting is now offering UNLIMITED DISK SPACE, UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, and UNLIMITED DOMAINS for less than ten bucks a month. I should be telling you this is a limited time offer and to sign-up while supplies last, but I’m not going to. If you decide to wait a few months, the plan just might change to unlimited bazillion-trillion everything. If you happen to sign up before the unlimited bazillion-trillion plans are released, we'll be happy to upgrade you free of charge. If you think this all sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is! The "new" unlimited plan is the same plan we were offering a year ago, but now we label it as unlimited. I wanted to call the plans unlimited last time around. However, due to staffing constraints, we wouldn't have been able to keep up with the expected growth. A year later, we are finally OVERSTAFFED and ready to change the plan. Up until now, I’ve been slowing sales down on purpose in order for our support to catch up. If history repeats itself, renaming the plan from essentially unlimited to actually “unlimited” will increase our sales by at least 30%. It's really that simple. We change an unlimited plan to say “unlimited” and bam -- sales increase 30%, if not more. Many people will argue that “overselling” is evil and that it’s the cause of poor hosting service. This is not the case when it’s managed correctly and the proper staffing is in place. When a hosting company hops on the overselling bandwagon, their sales usually increase exponentially. Since very few companies actually have the capacity to handle a major surge in growth, their quality of service is almost guaranteed to deteriorate. The support problems HostGator has had in the past weren’t from “overselling.” The problems were actually a result of growing faster than we could hire and train employees.
  • Giving back with completely free web hosting.

    Monday, September 29, 2008 by
    HostGator has a history and tradition of giving back. In the last year, we've donated over $125,000 to charity, actively worked towards offsetting and reversing our environmental impact, and given free or discounted web hosting to a countless number of web sites.
    Today, we're moving forward with our commitment to the communities and the people we serve with the launch of the HostGator Technology Grant. Recipients of the HostGator Technology Grant will receive one year of completely free web hosting with our Swamp Plan, which offers 1,000 GB of space and unlimited bandwidth. If the Swamp plan does not fit the needs of the particular recipient, they can opt to take the grant as a $180 service credit to any other HostGator product or service. After the one year of free service, grant recipients can re-apply and if accepted again, continue to use HostGator web hosting completely free. The HostGator Technology Grant's goal is simple and straightforward: provide free web hosting to organizations and projects that serve the greater good. Obtaining legitimately free web hosting for nonprofits can be an arduous process. Organizations should be spending their time doing what they believe in and what they set out to do, not hunting for affordable and quality web hosting.
  • CyberSquatting And Copyright Infringement

    Friday, March 28, 2008 by
    "Cybersquatting" has been something fairly common in the industry for a while. I'm sure even some of you that are reading this may buy and hold domains based on the fact that price and value goes up every year. Something however that has a lot of businesses and organizations on the defense is the fact that thousands of domains are registered every year with copyright names within or as a part of the domain registered. The views on this issue are somewhat split. While some 'squatters' have registered domains to put defamatory content about a company, others have registered various domains and jacking up prices to ridiculous amounts in hopes of a company with that name wanting to buy it. Let me give you one example of what I am talking about. Locally here in the Houston area where our corporate office is located, there is a car dealership that is very well known named Munday Chevrolet. You would think they own right? Wrong. They own, a second rate domain name for your company if you ask me. If you go to you will find very brief text from the website owner saying why he would never buy a car from Munday Chevrolet. Previously the site was used for pornography. Thats got to be bad for business especially when you have to tell potential customers to add a dash in the middle of your name. Lets take an even bigger name into consideration that caused a legal battle for years, as opposed to The only problem here is that this is a bit complicated. What happens when your last name is truly Nissan? This guy is not trying to 'cybersquat' at all. He has a legitimate computer business he is running on this site. It's unfortunate that Nissan motor company had a lawsuit filed against this guy. So where does the gray line run into black and white, making things clear as to what domain you should and shouldn't be able to own without legal ramifications? (Read more about the Nissan case HERE.)
  • Welcome to Gator Crossing

    Friday, May 4, 2007 by
    Hello everyone, first and foremost welcome to the HostGator Company Blog. This blog is a work in progress, but we hope it can bring everyone closer to HostGator on a personal and professional level. We will be providing important news, updates, and even special offers through this blog. Our industry famous admins, will also be providing webhosting articles, tips, and tricks for all of our readers! My name is Jay, and some of you may know me as the Team Lead on the Forums, or may have seen me in some of your sales tickets. I'll be here to bring you some of the news from inside HostGator as soon as it happens, things like special offers, plan changes, and even office politics! I know you would all like an inside look at how HostGator operates, and I plan on bringing you that. You'll also be hearing from names such as Chad Bean, our Affiliate Manager. Dave Collins, our highly acclaimed CTO. And even Brent Oxley, the owner of HostGator. Again, the blog is a work in progress so many changes are planned. As always we would love to hear your feedback, feel free to register on the blog and make a comment. And stay tuned for some great things heading your way. (Maybe even some special offers and contests!) Be sure to subscribe to any of our feeds, or bookmark the page for future reference. Thank you all, and welcome to Gator Crossing! Watch out for Crocs in the road!