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  • CISPA, Enough Already

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013 by
    We at HostGator have always vehemently opposed any piece of legislation that contradicts the idea of a free and open Internet.  If you haven't read our prior blog posts about CISPA and it's earlier incarnation SOPA, then please do so now in order to bring yourself up to speed: CISPA Must Die! SOPA Must Die! The problem with legislation such as these is not what it appears to do on the front end, rather it's the back end implications that make it frightening.  Cyber security is serious business, and it is a realm that could use some tightening up.  However, this tightening up cannot come at the expense of your privacy due to a circumvention of existing privacy laws. Why are we mentioning CISPA now?  Well, it has reared its head once again and is being voted on by the House of Representatives today.  It seems this piece of legislation refuses to die.  Unfortunately, the longer something like this sticks around, the less attention the media at large will pay attention to it. Truth be told, we've outlined in great detail what is wrong with this piece of legislation in our previous blog posts.  We don't want to be redundant, but we didn't want to let this day pass without mentioning again this issue that truly affects us all. Fortunately, President Obama maintains that he would veto this bill were it to pass in the House.  Hopefully, it won't come to the necessity of a veto.  Let's put this legislation to sleep, once and for all, and let it not awaken until it has matured into a form that would actually benefit the people as opposed to slowly eroding your right to online privacy.
  • Biggest Nerd Loser

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010 by
    Being a nerd has it perks, Nerds can pickup mad chicks in Second Life, Photoshop acne out of pictures, and if they’re truly 1337, even have a real life girlfriend one day. I know being a nerd sounds glamorous and all, but there are a few major drawbacks. When you're a nerd, you usually develop a serious case of Big Bonedinitis. In college, everyone talks about the Freshmen 15, but here at the Gator, we have what's known as the Hatchling 40. If you come to work at the Gator, it's usually not a question of whether or not you will gain weight, but instead a question of how much weight you’ll gain and if you’ll ever stop gaining weight. The more Linux you learn, the more weight you’re going to end up packing on. Big Bonedinitis is no joke. It's a real disease that destroys lives and is hitting us nerds especially hard. In fact, one of our biggest expenses here at the Gator is replacing furniture that Big Bonedinitis leaves behind in its wake. We've broken over 40 leather chairs in the last year alone. We go through so many chairs we now have a room designated as the chair graveyard.

    A few of our wall-mounted toilets have even broken off the wall forcing us to reinforce the remaining with stacked bricks. We've gone through so many benches that we finally decided to upgrade to a custom built concrete bench reinforced with re-bar.
  • 200,000 Web Hosting Clients and Climbing

    Thursday, September 10, 2009 by
    HostGator recently reached 200,000 active customers and we are on pace to break 300,000 within a year. I remember when I'd be out celebrating if HostGator managed to get two signups in a week. Now, we’re seeing thousands of signups a week. Back in the day, my celebrating consisted of nothing more than dropping the Ramen noodles or the tuna can I had in my hands and grabbing some sushi for an hour before scrambling back to work. At the time, I was a poor college student who invested every penny I had back into the business I was building. The domain was registered on October 10, 2002 and here are some statistics about how many active customers we’ve had at a few points since then.
    • 2/1/2003: 112 active customers
    • 2/1/2004: 1,031 active customers
    • 2/1/2005: 6,892 active customers
    • 2/1/2006: 21,434 active customers
    • 2/1/2007: 50,213 active customers
    • 2/1/2008: 92,752 active customers
    • 2/1/2009: 157,432 active customers
    • Today: 200,000+
    How HostGator Came To Be: I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a kid. In sixth grade, I sold candy at school and had all the kids in my neighborhood working for me. When I was 14, my cousins and I had a business where we sold watermelons from a truck on the side of a road. The deal we offered was simple, but effective: “2 for $5."
    [caption id="attachment_787" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Ain\'t no Glory in Selling Watermelons"]Ain't no Glory in Selling Watermelons[/caption]
    It wasn't until I was a sophomore in high school that I got hooked on trying to make money on the Internet. What sucked me in was the paid to surf programs such as AllAdvantage,, Cashfiesta, and the like. These companies claimed they would pay you to surf the Internet while looking at ads. I created my first website on a service much like GeoCities and was able to generate over 50,000 referrals between all the programs I was enrolled in. One by one, I learned that all of the programs were a scam. I made $65 when I was entitled to over a million.
  • Obama Gets the Nerd Vote

    Monday, November 3, 2008 by
    Many of us at HostGator were curious what the ‘nerd vote’ looked like so we went ahead and ran our own poll amongst employees. We limited the choices to either Mccain or Obama in order to keep the results realistic. Here’s a breakdown of the results: 98 Texas employees participated 55 nerds voted for Barack Hussein Obama II 34 nerds voted for John Sidney McCain The remaining 9 votes were disqualified for failing to follow the strict directions of selecting one candidate or the other. For the sake of being democratic, here are the results of the 9 votes that were neither McCain nor Obama: 1 vote for “in your moms box” - Whatever this means.... 3 votes for “neither” 1 vote for “ray” - Ray, you're a loser if you voted for yourself. 1 vote for “Ron Paul” 1 vote for “cocktail party” - If you voted this, please come see me for psychiatric help. 1 vote for “Brent Oxley” - Your vote may have been disqualified, but you will still be getting a raise for having such wisdom. 1 vote for “Cbar” - I think this vote was an attempt to spell “brent”, but got mixed up on the spelling. Obama dominated with 62% of the votes versus McCain’s 38%. This nerd vote took place at the HostGator office in Houston, Texas which is one of McCain's strongest states! I can only imagine what these results would have looked like had HostGator employees been from somewhere more liberal, like San Francicso. I personally voted for McCain with the belief that he is the lesser of two evils. I disagree with McCain on a few key issues such as withdrawing from Iraq, and having preconditions before meeting with foreign leaders. This, of course, seems much better to me than Obama's relying on the United Nations and resolving issues in a “diplomatic” way. The U.N. is a joke, which is why major atrocities and genocide are happening in places like Darfur and Burma. The diplomatic route is the best way to go, but you can only talk so long until action is necessary if the talks are fruitless. The Iraq war is costing Americans roughly 147 billion a year. This is a ton of money, but when you consider our current deficit is at $438 billion, you can quickly understand the war isn't the main or only problem in America.
  • Hatchling Gators

    Thursday, April 17, 2008 by
    HostGator has been growing in record numbers lately, and hiring employees just as fast. We thought it might be interesting to go around and harass some of the new trainees. Without further ado, meet our new employees as recorded by Justin…
    The first few people we interviewed for the video started saying how much we sucked, but after canning them the morale suddenly increased as you can see in the above video. The employee culture at HG has generally stayed the same over the years. I started at the company when there were just 4 of us in a small office in Florida, and now we’re closing in on 200 employees in our Houston office. One of the cool things about the company is you’ll see the owner, Brent Oxley, at the office every day working more hours than just about any other employee. Many new hires would never expect him to be the owner of the company, which reminds me of a prank we pulled on Vincent when he first started.
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