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  • HostGator Sponsors WordCamp Houston

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010 by
    We are proud to announce our sponsorship of  WordCamp Houston. The event is scheduled for August 7th at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. WordCamp is a conference exclusively about WordPress and all things related to WordPress.  Conferences are held around the nation and this will be the first one of many to come in Houston TX.   When we found out that WordCamp was coming to our backyard here in Houston we had to jump on board.  We have been in attendance at WordCamp before and it is an amazing conference for WordPress users, developers, designers, and other enthusiasts! WordCamp Houston was such a big deal, it sold out right away.   However,  I do have some good news... We have some passes, and we are giving them away!  We are limited to the amount of passes that we have so we are going to be having a little contest. All you will need to do is tweet this on twitter "@hostgator Sponsored WordCamp Houston (@wordcamphtx) August 7th, I want to be there! #wchtx" and we will enter all participants into a drawing for the passes. We will be doing a drawing each day for the next 10 days! Please check out WordCamp Houston's Website for more information on this great conference.
  • Talk to HostGator Live on July 29 at 8 PM CT

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009 by
    Update: Thanks to all of those who participated! Our second Open Session was a success. A recording of the session is available on this page. Due to the success of the first Open Session we hosted a couple of weeks ago, we're hosting another one soon. This Open Session will be held on Wednesday, July 29 at 8 PM CT. Just like last time, this Open Session will be a chance for both potential and existing HostGator customers to come into a live chat with other customers and HostGator employees and get tips, information, and have a chance to ask questions and get answers from the people who make the decisions at HostGator. Participants can either call in or just listen on their computers. There is also a text chat for people who would prefer to type their questions.
  • Chat with HostGator this Thursday at 5 PM CT

    Tuesday, June 30, 2009 by
    Update: This took place and was a big success. HostGator employees answered a ton of questions about backups, VPS solutions, Windows hosting, affiliates, and more. We appreciate people taking the time to come by and ask questions. This upcoming Thursday (July 2, 2009) at 5 PM CT (Houston-time), HostGator is going to be hosting an Open Session where potential and existing customers alike can come chat with HostGator employees and each other. The Open Session is going to be pretty informal, but for some context, some things we do want to do include:
    • Question and answer session with HostGator employees
    • Tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of your HostGator account and website from our best support people
    • Suggestions from customers about how HostGator can improve (customer service, Terms of Service, procedures and policies, etc.)
    This is the first time HostGator has done something like this, but we think it will serve as a great opportunity to talk to our customers and hear their questions, opinions, and suggestions. If you have any particular items you'd like us to discuss or research, feel free to leave them in the comments. Oh, and we're also going to be giving out some free hosting during the session for both attending and participating.
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  • Bowling, Beer Tricks and Buddies

    Wednesday, January 30, 2008 by
    Recently we had another HostGator fun day. Just another one of the perks of working for HostGator. Everyone got together to go bowling, play pool and watch the bartender do some cool tricks. All company paid with free food and beer. You can't beat that. So we took some pictures, and I wanted to post them for everyone who might like to see. One of the amazing things caught with a Camera, compliments of Lance, was these detailed images of liquid in action. I hope you enjoy them. Make sure to click on the first 3 images to see greater detail.
  • Paintball Was A Blast

    Friday, December 14, 2007 by
    As you remember, we had a day where anyone who wanted could play paintball. It was a blast, and we have some pictures to show you. Brent likes to have these gatherings once in a while to let everyone from the office unwind and have a good time together. This office gathering was about shooting your fellow coworkers, and your boss. What a great time for payback! All in good fun of course. In the end, the man with the cleanest gear got drenched with paint. Enjoy the images, and click to enlarge.