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  • Lifestyles of the Rich and the Homeless

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 by
    Since moving into our new office located in Houston, we have had many experiences with the homeless. I personally had a homeless man charge at me screaming. “It was you, it was you, f*** the man!” I was ready to gator whoop him if necessary, but luckily it did not have to come to that. Just a few weeks ago we were so privileged to have an artistic bum use our restroom facilities. His medium of choice proved to be feces, with the canvas being the walls, mirrors, door, and even our ceiling! The homeless problem isn’t just around the HostGator building. It seems that anywhere I travel to in Houston, there is a homeless man begging for money nearby. Anytime I look out my window I can see at least one or two bums working the street. I’ve been watching the same faces work the same corner for over a year now. Being the business man that I am, it was impossible to look at them without wondering how much money they were making. I asked around… I read a bunch of websites… and all I could find was meaningless statistics without any real field testing being done. So I did the only thing that any self respecting CEO would do. I became homeless myself. The experiment was setup so that each day of the week a different popular homeless slogan would be advertised. Here are the results of our study. Bum deployed: Brent Oxley, CEO of HostGator Day of week: Monday Time in the field: 5:00pm-7:00pm Slogan: "We need our flea shots anything helps" Earnings for the day: $26.40 Hourly Wage: $13.20
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