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  • The Adventures of Snappy: Adrian & The Sickness Edition

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012 by
    Snappy has been out and about on the town again. This time, Snappy appeared on stage with Adrian & The Sickness!  This Austin-based rock trio showcases the phenomenal guitar playing and song writing of the band's namesake, Adrian Conner, and is rounded out by the rock-solid bass playing of Heather Webb.  AATS were voted Best Punk Band in the 2011-2012 Austin Music Awards and are presently on tour in support of their 2011 vinyl single "Criminal/Dog Days," their fifth independent release. Snappy was fortunate enough to have an excellent view of the show, once again hanging out right on stage:   Of course Snappy spent some time with the band after the show as well.  In the image below, you may notice that Heather is wearing a "Hell's Belles" shirt.  Hell's Belles are a world-famous all-female AC/DC tribute band, in which Adrian happens to perform lead guitar duties, as Angus Young.  Perhaps Snappy will find his way onto a Hell's Belles stage at some point, but for now if you are an AC/DC fan, we would recommend checking that band out as well:   A quick YouTube search for "Adrian and The Sickness" will result in some excellent videos of this amazing band, although nothing can quite capture the experience of seeing them perform live. AATS regularly tour the United States and Europe, so keep an eye out for them and and catch them when they play your town! If you have an event in the Houston or Austin area that you would like for Snappy to attend, please get in touch with us by emailing ATTN: Blog.
  • The Adventures of Snappy: Foo Fakers Edition

    Wednesday, September 5, 2012 by
    Our very own Snappy has been getting out and about lately, showing up in some unusual places.  We are going to endeavor to track and document the movements of our favorite Gator and share them with you here: The Adventures of Snappy. Snappy has been showing up on stage with Houston's own premier Foo Fighters tribute band, Foo Fakers.  The Foo Fakers recently took first place in a multi-week Battle of the Tribute Bands showcase, and Snappy was right on stage with them!  Admittedly, the pictures are a little bit blurry, but Snappy spent the entire show on the backline, rocking out:   In fact, the entire Battle of the Tribute Bands set was streamed live and can now be seen on YouTube, complete with Snappy, right here.  If you watch the whole show, you'll even hear a couple of shout-outs to the Gators in attendance that night. This wasn't Snappy's first time on stage with the Foo Fakers.  In fact, it is not unusual at all to find Snappy on stage at their shows, as he is a huge fan and generally has no problem getting backstage VIP treatment:   We will be bringing you many more adventures of Snappy, as that Gator is getting out and about more and more these days, but we want to thank the Foo Fakers for their support and for plain rocking as well as they do!   If you have an event in the Houston or Austin area that you would like for Snappy to attend, please get in touch with us by emailing Attn: blog.
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