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Talk Like A Pirate Day Sale

Written by Sean Valant

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Arrrrggghhhhh!!!  Avast all ye skallywags and sea-wenches!  This be a very special day, yes it do!  Wednesday, September 19th be “International Talk Like a Pirate Day!”  It be a very special day!  For on this day we asked ourselves a question, and to our own surprise that question was not “where be the rum?!”

No, for on this day we asked ourselves “what be the most ‘pirate’ discount that we could be giving?”  The answer became clear, as if it t’was delivered upon our shoulder by our own parrot, aye!  The most “pirate” discount was none other than 44.44% off all new hosting packages.  Ahoy!  That be 44.44rrrrrrr percent, matey!  And it be off the first invoice only, what means is the longer billing cycle you choose, the more savings you get, aye!

This discount be valid on any new hosting package, yes it do.  It don’t be valid for renewals or extensions of existing hosting packages.  To take advantage of this offer (today only), simply use the followin’ coupon code: ARRRSNAP

After settlin’ on that, we then thought to ourselves that discounted domains go mighty fine with discounted hosting, yes they do.  They go together just as well as plunderin’ do with pillagin’!  As such, we decided to make all new .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info domains only $5 today!

Now, these deals they don’t be lastin’ long; they be pullin’ anchor and settin’ sail for the horizon at 11:59PM CST tonight!

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9 Responses to Talk Like A Pirate Day Sale

    • HostGator says:

      We can certainly appreciate your stance, Rick. And this day is certainly a satire of the Disney-style pirate, as opposed to the historical pirate. But we appreciate your taking the time to comment and we encourage everyone to read the article you posted to ensure both sides of the pirate situation are equally presented.

  1. digitalfrogblog says:

    nice deal ..promoted onmy site and video

  2. digitalfrogblog says:

    check my promo videos on my youtube channel

  3. masterev says:

    great idea :)

  4. Pontious P Pilato says:

    When is the next big discount offer going to be again? Cos that’s the day i’m waiting for so any hint will be appreciated. Thanks

    • HostGator says:

      We never reveal when our sales are going to be. However, at this time there are no sales planned. You can get your first month of a Baby Plan for only one penny, though; use coupon code hgc25