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Customer Service, part II

Written by Sean Valant

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Welcome to part II of our Customer Service series, please see part I right here.

Literally the entire HostGator staff is at the service of our Customers and available to personally assist, from our Jr. Admins up to our CEO.  I have seen, with my own eyes, our CEO call a Customer to assist with an issue they were experiencing that required a lot of time and attention to resolve.  That is not a run-of-the-mill situation, but it is an example of the lengths to which we, as a Company, will go to ensure the satisfaction of our Customers.

That degree of engagement is something in which we very much take pride.  Virtually regardless of the issue at hand, any time that a Customer is not completely comfortable with the individual presently assisting them, they can request to speak to someone with whom they will feel more comfortable: a Level 2 Jr. Admin, a Supervisor, a member of the Customer Service Dept., or even myself.  We want any given Customer to communicate directly with whomever can best resolve the given issue in that moment.

Our Customer Service Department is the keystone upon which much of this rests.  They stay engaged on the front lines as well as instituting new policies related to these matters in a dynamic manner with the focus always being on the Customer experience.  We have already succeeded as a web host, we have nothing to lose by going that extra mile in order to ensure that your experience with us is extraordinary.

Clearly the Golden Rule sets the foundation, we certainly treat our Customers how we would want to be treated, but then we kick it up that proverbial notch to treating Customers in a way that would exceed our own expectations were the roles reversed.

A recent issue comes to mind whereby there was a very short (approximately 25 minutes) outage related to one of our services.  As we monitored and responded to Customers in realtime via Twitter, most of the tweets we received were along the lines of “when will this be resolved?”  There was one Customer who stood out during that short outage, they simply said “these things happen, thank you for being the best hosting company.”  Once all services were restored and everything returned to normal, we contacted that Customer and gave them a free month of hosting.

I don’t use the above example to encourage people to say nice things about us during less than ideal situations, nor to pat ourselves on the back for having done something nice, but I did want to illustrate one example whereby we exceeded one person’s expectations.  Every single time you contact us is an opportunity for us to attempt to exceed your expectations.  That, to us, is Customer Service.

I mentioned Twitter previously, you can follow us @HostGator.  You can also find us on FaceBook, Instagram, Tumblr & Pinterest.  Speaking of Pinterest, we have a specific pinboard that highlights our various awards over the years.  Think of it as an online trophy case, many of these awards are a direct result of our Customer Service.

Social media is becoming more and more vital in providing thorough Customer Service.  We are active on virtually all major social networks.  Full a full list of HostGator’s social media presence, see this link from our KnowledgeBase.  Please follow or like us on your preferred social media platforms.

I could wax philosophic about Customer Service all day, but really what matters is the input from you, our loyal Customers.  How do you think we’re doing?  Would you like to contribute to this blog by sharing a story of when we were able to go above and beyond for you?  Please email ATTN: Blog with your thoughts, suggestions and stories about how HostGator has served you over the years.  We want to hear from you!

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20 Responses to Customer Service, part II

  1. I have been with HostGator for years and have always loved the service. However I recently had a bad experience that just dragged on for weeks and makes me feel that Hostagor has lost touch with the people they provide service for.

    I recently was overcharged by Hostgator, billed a Total of 4 times on the same day, and of course this happened begging of the month when all my other business bills are due.

    Once I saw what happened I called Customer service and was told could not do anything because all was still in pending mode, Understandable. While I waited my bank account starts to be hit, and then the Bank fees start piling up. By 3 Host gator says they see the issue and will credit my account, will take 4 to 5 business days. During this time I visit my bank every day, this is time out of my day, drive to bank, wait my turn, this is to let them know what is going on.

    During this week my company was in the red the whole time, very stressful!

    When the dust settles bank refunds the charges, yet I am still waiting on the credit from Host Gator, finally one charge back occurs. I promptly call customer service to see what the issue is. I am told the the issue is not HostGator but the bank only let one credit go thru because they thought it was error. PLease wait another 4 to 5 days for the credit arrive.

    Now I can see how things happen, but I am pissed. While on phone I asked to talk to manager, I am put on hold for over 10 minutes, and still no manager. The tech comes back on phone and says sorry for any trouble but nada.

    Why is it if I am late on paying, I get knocked for fees, but you can take my money and hold it for near 3 weeks with no penalty to you? The hours I spent on this and even thinking about fumes me.

    Checking my account this week, I noticed another unexplained charge from Host Gator, I have opened a ticket a few days but heard nothing back so far.

    So I do believe that HostGator has lost touch with its client base.

    Ken Pendergrass
    Host Gator Reseller -

  2. pumpkinpuddy says:

    I love your customer service. I don’t like that you force people to rate every single interaction with customer service and ding anyone that gets no rating or maybe even a not perfect rating. Please stop putting your customers on the spot with this process. I, for one, hate this constantly having to rate every interaction I have with every CSR I deal with at almost every company I deal with. Enough already!

    I give your service and your CSRs 5 stars. I give your rating system 0 stars.

    • HostGator says:

      I certainly see your perspective on the rating system. Please don’t feel obligated to rate; you can certainly simply ignore the option to rate. There is a bonus system in place that partly depends upon these ratings, but there are no “dings” or pentalties for interactions that are not rated. I hope that sheds at least a little bit of light on the purpose of the rating system.

  3. kysaan says:

    I have only had positive experiences with customer service and am hapy to rate accordily.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Joshi Infotech says:

    Bad and un-responsive customer support: My website is down since many days, trying to contact support, have raised tickets and sent emails, contacted telephone support, tried toll free support, but still its more than 3 days and no resolution, I have hosted my company official website with hostgator and a customer complained me that your website is not accessible. Just think how rediculus it is to get such a comment from your client when you have paid for your website and hosting and that too with the top hosting service provider.

  5. Javier says:

    Hostgator seems a very professional company with excellent customer service. I am very happy to have chosen them as my web hosting.

  6. Freedom Jackson says:

    Yeah service is the only reason why people will come back and also become salesmen for your service as they tell everyone they know about your service.

  7. WTF? Why is and failing to load?
    I get is can’t establish a connection to the server at, on
    Linux, Windows and Mac using IE, FireFoX Safri Google Chrome and Opera.
    I am getting really pissed at Hostgator for failing to keep my
    Business Class Hosting UP and Running.

  8. Mike says:

    Great service is why I’ve hosted with HostGator :)

  9. Phil Walker says:

    your service is second to none, and I mean that literally. I have never had the level of service that I get with you guys anywhere else. That plus the fact your product is rock solid means you have a very loyal reseller here who wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. keep up the good work.

  10. Ekta says:

    What customer service?

    I have not received my $13000+ affiliate commissions from past several months. Your team say it will be paid every next month.

    Don’t teach customer service thing if you cannot follow it yourself.

  11. Windows Web Hosting California says:

    Thanks for such a great post, I am totally impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.

  12. YahooMaktoob says:

    We’re on part 3 of our costumers Series starting Today

  13. nampung says:


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  15. nampung says:

    I dot spick engrise.

  16. nampung says:

    wow!!!! I love it.

  17. Sean Davey says:

    You guys used to be really good at answering phones. This is the third call this week that no-one has answered. Been on the phone now for more than 21 minutes. I’m calling Go Daddy to see about going back to them. They still answer their phones straight away….