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March 2011 Newsletter

Written by Josh Loe

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Greetings, Gators!

We have another exciting newsletter in store for you. A lot has been going on this month, and there are a couple of big announcements to make!


We’ve outgrown our swamp! We’re expanding!

With so much growth over the last few years, we’re now outgrowing our headquarters office in Houston, Texas. So we bought a new, larger office building in Houston! It’s located on the North Loop and is a 170,000 Sq-ft Class A office building! There will be MANY more pictures to come once we get fully moved in and get it decked out, Gator style!

Here are a few pictures to tide you over in the meantime:


HostGator introduces Mobile Mail!

This month, we’re happy to announce the launch of our all-new mobile webmail system, which is available to all HostGator customers. The interface should work on all (or most) mobile phones, and it can be custom branded with your domain name!

To see a demo of this system, simply visit:

For more information and instructions on how to set this up, please visit:

How-to Video Tutorials

We have released a great set of new video tutorials to help you utilize some of the most popular applications available, such as our “QuickInstall” installer, and content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and many more!

Here is a video overview of our one-click installation program, QuickInstall, which allows you to quickly and easily install many great applications:

We also now have our own YouTube Channel setup with more helpful tutorials. Many new videos will be coming soon! Simply visit to subscribe to our channel. You’ll then receive updates on the videos we release!

WordPress, Jetpack, VaultPress & HostGator:

Lately, we have been working closely with Automattic on some of their great new features. HostGator is a launch partner and proud sponsor.

Jetpack supercharges your WordPress site with new features previously unavailable for users!

Jetpack brings you many great new features. Here are just a few favorite additions:

WordPress stats, A Twitter widget, Gravatar Hovercards, shortlinks, Sharedaddy for social media sharing and bookmarking, LaTeX markup, After the Deadline writing tools, and Shortcode Embeds for video inclusion.

New WordPress installations made through QuickInstall will be automatically loaded with Jetpack. If you installed WordPress before March 9, 2011, simply visit to download the plugin and start using the features today.


Disaster happens. Things go wrong. Aliens attack. Enter VaultPress.

VaultPress provides a full backup and protection solution for your WordPress blog. Sleep easier at night knowing that your plugins, themes, posts, comments, and more are all safeguarded and ready to be restored should anything go wrong. To take advantage of VaultPress, simply install WordPress through your control panel by clicking on the QuickInstall tab. After you have setup WordPress, you will receive a beautiful, invitation-only Golden Ticket to VaultPress.

To install WordPress, simply login to your control panel and go to the “QuickInstall” tab. You can also watch our video tutorial on installing and using WordPress by checking out our official HostGator YouTube channel at:

If you already have WordPress installed, simply login to your billing control panel and click on the “Get a Golden Ticket” link to receive your VaultPress invitation.

What’s coming soon at HostGator?

The highly-anticipated launch of our own domain registrar! We know many people have been asking for this, and we’re working hard on launching our own registrar VERY SOON! We can assure you, it’s going to be well worth the wait!

We’re Hiring! Become a Gator!

We now have over 600 HostGator Employees!

We’re growing faster than ever, and still searching for Linux administrators with experience in cPanel/WHM. If you’d like to get paid for doing what you already have a passion for, go ahead and check out our jobs page:

Not experienced in Linux administration? Not a problem! We STILL WANT TO PAY YOU! You can earn money by simply referring potential candidates that successfully complete 90 days of full-time employment. We are currently offering $2,500 for each qualified administrator that you refer to us, and $500 for chat/phone technicians. For more information about this, and to get started with your referrals, visit our referral page:

We are looking for Perl developers & graphic designers!

Perl / C developers:
We are now hiring Perl/C developers in Austin, TX. Relocation, competitive salary, and full benefits are provided. Please email to apply today!

We’re Hiring Graphic/Website Designers:
Are you ready to be a major part of one of the fastest growing companies in America? Do you want your work to be seen by millions of people every month? Join our Design team! We’re looking for graphic designers who have an amazing portfolio to assist our team with the development of creative projects including web sites, website templates, website content, user interfaces, banner advertisements, as well as different forms of printed collateral and advertisements for our various brands. Please see for more information about the position and the requirements.

We are hiring graphic designers for our Austin, Texas office. Relocation, competitive salary, and full benefits are provided. Please email with your resume, more information about yourself, and a link to your portfolio (required). Please understand that due to the number of inquiries we receive, you may not receive a reply.

Do you know someone who needs web hosting? Do you want to make money?

Join our affiliate program and get paid for sending people to HostGator! Refer your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone who needs web hosting, and you will receive up to $125 per referral! Simply sign up at:

That’s all for this month.

Thanks, from the HostGator team!


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13 Responses to March 2011 Newsletter

  1. Mitch says:

    It’s really sad to see what has happened at your company as you have gone from a real quality company that did things the right way and have become almost a carbon copy of the company who did things wrong in the first place and allowed you to grow in that space, Go Daddy.
    While it’s always nice to see a company grow, Host Gator has forgotten about how it grew and the people who helped them grow, their customers. Instead of talking about new services that Host Gator is providing their customers to grow their business and insure the quality of the product they are delivering, Host Gator instead talks about Barbecue Pits, workout rooms, NASCAR sponsorships, and new office buildings.
    It sure would be nice instead for you to invest a few bucks (like everyone else has) in a notification system to tell people they are at 85% or so of their bandwidth allocation so they have an opportunity to upgrade their plans or to have a system that allows for overages at an agreed upon charge, instead Host Gator shuts down people’s sites and makes the system recycle while all of their site visitors are booted.
    I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to grow my business without the help of Josh, Lance, and the good people at Host Gator but now with the growth, it’s a 50/50 chance at best to even get a person on the phone who can even help me, they are more concerned with what credit card number I paid with last or a Paypal transaction ID (ever try and find one of these on a Paypal account that does 1,000+ transactions a month?)meanwhile, an attack that could have been thwarted goes through because I am reading off the number of every credit and debit card I own, Kind of silly isn’t it, but it’s how Host Gator chooses to do business.
    Host Gator has grown which I congratulate them for but at the same time it is sad to see what price they are paying and it will be interesting to see what the next competitor does to exploit these glaring faults.
    All the Best,

    Sports Chat Place

  2. William says:

    I personally am happy to see Hostgator growing. Their support is still number 1 out of all other hosting companies I have been with and nothing is outsourced (my biggest pet peeve considering any company I call now is outsourcing to India or god knows where else). I don’t think asking for my payment information is much of a request considering the fact that without that anyone who knows my domain could call and cancel/takeover my account. I recommend Hostgator to any and all my friends, family, and colleagues who have thoughts of starting a website. Hostgator is awesome and I will continue to be a customer an supporter of this wonderful company.

  3. I’ve been a hostgator member and hostee for some 2years now, and would like to say that overall I’m extremely happy with your professional and valuable service and delighted to watch you grow at such an alarming pace. Congratulations are definitely in order. :)

    Just one little niggle if I may, with all due respect. It’s your error 404 page. It’s embarrassing enough to have a visitor confronted with with such like without it looking absolutely comical and trivial as hostgator’s does. Isn’t there any way you could eliminate or at least minimize the immaturity of this advice notice? I’m certain many of your subscribers feel precisely the same way. Otherwise ~ hi5!

  4. Gazduire web says:

    Congrats for the expansion …

  5. Kuponkodu says:

    Thanks.Video tutorials for content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento… They are really useful.

  6. marbas says:

    Good that Gator is expanding. Catering the needs of its costumers. Great Job Gators!!! This would really help a lot.

  7. Mark says:

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  8. Amit Bhawani says:

    Its good to see you guys going great and also expanding regularly to bigger office areas.

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  11. Kiki Condo says:

    That’s good news. Congrats on your success and hopefully you will soon have to move to an even larger venue!

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