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Happy Birthday Da….. Dave?….Dave??

Written by Josh Loe

Friday, May 7th, 2010

This last week Our CTO Dave Collins celebrated his birthday. His sister was kind enough to illustrate how his Birthday party went.

Happy Birthday Dave from the HostGator family.

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14 Responses to Happy Birthday Da….. Dave?….Dave??

  1. PatrickP says:

    As Deputy CTO for HG I can confirm this picture to be a 100% accurate portrayal of Dave.

  2. ahmed aljafaari says:

    heheheheh nice photo

  3. diana maria Narvaez says:

    tambien fue mi cumple :)

  4. Hendy Prima says:

    HappY birthday Dave

  5. Rui Cruz says:

    LOL, this guys ar HG are very nerds. :p


  6. gee says:

    happy birthday …

  7. Irfan Pathan says:

    Happy Birth day DAVE…….

  8. James says:

    Happy birtday Dave. funny pict LOL

  9. Will S says:

    Dave? What are you doing Dave? This is highly irregular, Dave

  10. Xavier Miller says:

    So Where Did Dave Go Then?

  11. i love to receive birthday cards specially if they are custom built birthday cards ;’`

  12. beat by dre says:

    Happy Birthday Dave, your new friend … …

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