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HostGator Toronto receives Raptors Tickets

Written by Jay Weissman

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Very rarely is a peep heard from our Toronto Office, the dedicated team of Administrators in Toronto usually keep their nose to the grind-stone and help keep our servers running in tip-top shape. They may keep to themselves, however their efforts certainly do not go un-noticed. Much to this point, they recently received an amazing gift from a very satisfied client.

Late, on a recent Saturday evening, the Toronto Technical Staff were shutting down their computers and preparing to call it a night when they received an urgent message from one of the Chat Techs at the Houston office. It seems that one of our client’s dedicated servers had taken a turn for the worse and crashed due to a mysterious software misconfiguration. The Chat Tech looked high and low for an available administrator to help our frantic client, but no admins were free to assist with the immediate issue. The Toronto Technical Staff gladly dropped what they were doing, canceled their plans for the evening and continued to burn the proverbial “Midnight Oil” until they had resolved the issue and restored the server to its original state.

“Every minute my site is off line… “, the client told us, “I lose, potentially, hundreds of prospective customers, and that just won’t do!”

The Toronto Team understands the needs of high availability websites and were glad to do everything they can to get this customers site back online in a timely fashion.

As a reward for their efforts, the client purchased tickets to a Toronto Raptors game on January 9, 2008 for the entire staff.

When asked what they thought of the tickets, the Toronto Staff said they were very grateful for the gift, but they had done nothing heroic and, in fact, what they had done was “all in a day’s work”.

Below is a snapshot of our staff in Toronto, and we’ll be sure to follow up with pictures of the game!

Pictured from left to right: Adrian P, Dave C, James N, Michael Y

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2 Responses to HostGator Toronto receives Raptors Tickets

  1. Cody Salter says:

    About that followup? Lets see some pics of the Game!

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