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WordPress Plugin Competition

Written by Jay Weissman

Monday, June 11th, 2007

I was reading over the WordPress news clips and came across a contest at

Weblog Tools Collection

Is everyone ready for another WordPress Plugin Competition? I know I am, especially with all the cool stuff going on around WordPress development, this would be a good time to get the ball rolling again. This time I have some help (thanks Ajay), more readers, maybe some more sponsors, more prizes and we hope to see lots of good code, fun projects, meet lots of nice people and help the WordPress community along the way… read more

Well, I love plugins. Whether they are for WordPress, vBulletin, or Joomla, I hook up my scripts with plugins until they can barely function. I also know that we at HostGator are new to the blogging world, and this wouldn’t be a bad way for us to get our name out there. So after contacting Mark Ghosh, who runs Weblog Tools Collection, we decided to sponsor a few prizes for the Plugin Competition. He was thrilled to get more sponsors, and we were happy to be listed on such a big and influential WordPress community.

To First Place: A Basic Dedicated Server for 6 months (Valued at $1,059) Pentium 4 2.8Ghz, CentOS, 1024mb Memory, 80gb SATA Hard Drive, 1500 Gigs of Bandwith per month, Cpanel/WHM Included, One free domain name for one year

To Second Place: A Swamp Hosting Plan for 1 year (Valued at $194.40), 200gb of Space, 2000gb of Bandwith, Unlimited Domains, Email, FTP Cpanel/WHM, MySQL, PHP4&5, Ruby on Rails, One free domain name for one year

To Third Place: A Baby Hosting Plan for 1 year (Valued at $134.40), 100gb of Space, 1000gb of Bandwith, Unlimited Domains, Email, FTP, Cpanel/WHM, MySQL, PHP4&5, Ruby on Rails, One free domain name for one year

Anyone who can develop a WordPress plugin is eligible to win one of these prizes, even existing customers of HostGator. If you have something you would like to contribute, just head over to the Plugin Competition Blog.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see what kind of plugins and addons come out of this!

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7 Responses to WordPress Plugin Competition

  1. Nice to see you supporting the community guys! Well done… :)

  2. Michael Stewart says:

    Also, think it’s nice you’re supporting the community… but would really like to see you guys dig into DRUPAL CMS – as in

    it is sooo much more capable than WordPress.

  3. nessence says:

    why don’t you donate money to wordpress. this is just pr otherwise.


  4. Jay Weissman says:

    Did I claim otherwise? I’m pretty sure that anyone can see, “Getting our name out there” is about PR.

    But i’m sorry, let me contact Mark right now and let him know that we retract our prizes because, “Nessence doesn’t agree with our sponsorship choice”. Im sure the WordPress community will appreciate that.

  5. BermmeetCreak says:

    Make peace, not war!

  6. ProGasCasMash says:

    I have been reading here for a while now and thought it would only be fair to register and contribute instead of being a silent reader. So – I am looking forward to be a full part of the community!

    Take care!



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